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Collectible of the Week #9
Posted by Megs

Finally putting this back up, so annoyed that I lost it, oh well here we go! This time it’s going to be quicker.  This week we’ve featured that Harry Potter Special Edition UK Boxed set which I just got in the mail last week!

About: This set of books is truly a beautiful item, the books come in a red box with a red ribbon wrapped around them.  Each book has a cloth cover with a small square where the children’s edition cover is placed.

Value: They are expensive right now but I have a feeling that if you keep yours with the plastic wrapping or in PERFECT unread condition opened you will be able to make a large profit out of them when you are really old or your children sell them. 😉

Buy It: Amazon.co.uk is the best place, or you can try eBay but thats more expensive. It’s about $170 right now to get them shipped to the US. BUY THEM!

Rating: 10/10 They are VERY expensive but a great buy for true Potter collectors!

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New Collection Photos – Request Collectible of the Week Segment!
Posted by Megs

Hey guys! I’ve just updated the photos of my collection in the gallery since I just got my UK Deluxe versions (YAY!)  So head over to the gallery and check everything out (there are 12 new photos)! If you see something you want to learn more about you can request it as a Collectible of the Week!  Just comment on this story with the item you want me to do! (you will notice some photos have censored areas, I would love to show you what’s under them, but I’m not allowed 😉 )

Click to view full size image

Sorry I’ve been neglecting the Collectible of the Week segment, but I just started my first full time job so things have been a bit crazy around here. But it will be back starting this weekend!

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Collectible of the Week #8
Posted by Megs

Sorry I skipped last week, my (university) graduation is coming up so things are a bit coocoo! Anyway, this week I’m showcasing one of Artbox’s many Costume cards; Hermione’s Pink Sweatshirt from Prisoner of Azkaban. (I will be featuring a few of these in the coming weeks)

About: This card was made by Artbox who do trading cards for all different movies.  They have normal card sets for each movie and then they have special cards which have pieces of props, costumes and some have autographs. This particular card features Hermione’s pink sweatshirt from Prisoner of Azkaban and it was limited to 450 cards.

Value: Since there are only 450 of this card, it is pretty rare and therefore expensive. It goes for a couple hundred dollars on eBay at the most, usually a little under $150.

Buy It: Sadly, you can only find it on eBay. There are a few on eBay with Buy it Now prices right now, here are the links: $55, $149.93, $116.43, $145.55
If you want to buy base sets, special cards from current films, or some odd past cards I recommend Rich’s Cards, that is where I buy all my Artbox cards.  You can email and ask what special cards he has and he is very good about emailing and has reasonable prices for the cards.

Rating: 8.5/10 These pieces are really fun, but they can be a bit pricey for such a small piece of movie memorabilia.

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Collectible of the Week #7
Posted by Megs

Since WB has just released a new limited edition watch, I found it only fitting to feature a watch for Collectible of the Week, the Harry Potter HC0095 Quidditch Trunk Watch!

About: This watch comes in a tin chest made to look like wood with the Hogwarts and House crests printed on it.  When you open the case, you see the watch sitting on a Quaffle, a Bludger on either side and a scroll rolled up inside which is a Certificate of Authenticity.  The numbers on the watch are in Roman Numerals & a Gryffindor lion in the middle of the watch face. (high resolution photos here, here & here)

Value: This is a pretty expensive item nowadays because it was limited to 1,000.  I usually see it for around $150, but there is currently one available for a whopping $255. (and its thanks to this listing that we have our 3rd photo of the watch outside the case)

Buy It: This watch is only available on eBay now, and it is quite pricey, but if you are lucky you might score a deal.

Rating: I rate this 10/10! It is a great item & true collectors piece because of it’s rarity.

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Collectible of the Week #6
Posted by Megs

This week we have an item of clothing, that I should never have bought, but I splurged when I graduated high school. 😉 The Harry Potter School Crest Jeweled Short Sleeve Jersey by Bejeweled.

About: This t-shirt is a very special item and not many people have it.  It may look like a normal Hogwarts Crest T-shirt but actually it is much more than that.  Instead of plain black the shirt is black with bits of brown to make it look a bit aged.  It also has some brown/tan colored studs (32 to be exact), 13 gold swarovski crystals and 4 red swarovski crystals that have all been hand placed.  This shirt is far superior to any other crest shirts in my opinion just because of how the screen-printing looks.  The close-up doesn’t do it justice because I had to use my web cam instead of my real camera.

Value: The retail price of the item is $79.99, I know, I know I was CRAZY to pay that much for a t-shirt, but I LOVE it and it is still in perfect condition even though I wear it a lot.  So it is a good value for the price.  But you can still get the normal crest t-shirts and be just as awesome, so not a must buy.

Buy it: It used to be available on the WB shop but since it was a limited item it is no longer there. You may be able to find it on ebay.

Rating: 8/10 Awesome item, but a bit expensive.

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Collectible of the Week #5
Posted by Megs

This week I’m doing something that everyone needs and can use! A Harry Potter calendar, this one is the 2010 Desk (or Day by Day) calendar.

About: The base for this, and the other Potter Desk calendars, is a simple stand and above the calendar there is a “magical image,” basically a moving 3D photo of Ron and Harry with the logo. Each page has a photo from one of the first 6 Potter films, a caption for the photo and the date. They also have designed a fun border to go with the page. They tear off easily and, if you are crazy like me, you can store them in the box the calendar comes in when the day is over.

Value: The retail price of the item is $16.99, but you can find it much cheaper now. As we all know, calendars are everywhere, so these aren’t worth very much right now. But I have a feeling that if you keep a calendar from each year in mint condition and have a nice collection of Potter calendars they could be worth something in the future.

Buy it: Harry Potter 2010 Desk Calendar You can probably still find this in stores since we are in the early stages of 2010 😉

Rating: 8/10 It’s not too exciting, but everyone can use a calendar!

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