This week we have an item of clothing, that I should never have bought, but I splurged when I graduated high school. 😉 The Harry Potter School Crest Jeweled Short Sleeve Jersey by Bejeweled.

About: This t-shirt is a very special item and not many people have it.  It may look like a normal Hogwarts Crest T-shirt but actually it is much more than that.  Instead of plain black the shirt is black with bits of brown to make it look a bit aged.  It also has some brown/tan colored studs (32 to be exact), 13 gold swarovski crystals and 4 red swarovski crystals that have all been hand placed.  This shirt is far superior to any other crest shirts in my opinion just because of how the screen-printing looks.  The close-up doesn’t do it justice because I had to use my web cam instead of my real camera.

Value: The retail price of the item is $79.99, I know, I know I was CRAZY to pay that much for a t-shirt, but I LOVE it and it is still in perfect condition even though I wear it a lot.  So it is a good value for the price.  But you can still get the normal crest t-shirts and be just as awesome, so not a must buy.

Buy it: It used to be available on the WB shop but since it was a limited item it is no longer there. You may be able to find it on ebay.

Rating: 8/10 Awesome item, but a bit expensive.

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