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Collectible of the Week #5
Posted by Megs

This week I’m doing something that everyone needs and can use! A Harry Potter calendar, this one is the 2010 Desk (or Day by Day) calendar.

About: The base for this, and the other Potter Desk calendars, is a simple stand and above the calendar there is a “magical image,” basically a moving 3D photo of Ron and Harry with the logo. Each page has a photo from one of the first 6 Potter films, a caption for the photo and the date. They also have designed a fun border to go with the page. They tear off easily and, if you are crazy like me, you can store them in the box the calendar comes in when the day is over.

Value: The retail price of the item is $16.99, but you can find it much cheaper now. As we all know, calendars are everywhere, so these aren’t worth very much right now. But I have a feeling that if you keep a calendar from each year in mint condition and have a nice collection of Potter calendars they could be worth something in the future.

Buy it: Harry Potter 2010 Desk Calendar You can probably still find this in stores since we are in the early stages of 2010 😉

Rating: 8/10 It’s not too exciting, but everyone can use a calendar!

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Collectible of the Week: #4
Posted by Megs

This week I will be talking about the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince US Collectors Edition, as requested by reader Becky!

About: This edition of Half-Blood Prince differs from the normal US hardcover in a few ways; the book comes in a special collectors box with new art by Mary GrandPre, the dust jacket of the book also features the full version of the box art with no text covering the beautiful artwork, & the binding is full black as opposed to the purple /black on the regular hardcover. Lastly, the book features full page versions of all the chapter art in black and white and a GORGEOUS color drawing from a detail in the chapter ‘Spinners End’.

Value: These Collectors Editions of the books (the last 3) are all GREAT value for your money.  If you buy one and keep it in mint  condition it could be worth a lot of money down the road; especially if it is a first edition. So once again, this is a display only item!

Buy it: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince US Collectors Edition You can also find them in most bookstores still.

Rating: 10/10 Another one of my favorite pieces, a must buy!

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What do you Want to see in Collectible of the Week!?
Posted by Megs

Hey everyone! I just want to ask what you guys want me to feature as Collectible of the Week. It can be anything from my collection: Photos and List of my items.

Just leave a comment and I’ll use it in an upcoming segment! 😀

View all the past Collectibles here!

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Collectible of the Week #3
Posted by Megs

I decided to stay with the Snitch theme this week!

About: This is the Harry Potter Golden Snitch Sticker Kit that was available, and may still be, in Borders and Walenbooks as well as other stores.  It comes in a small box, with a sticker book, snitch body, wings and a stand.  When you take it out of the box you just stick the wings on the snitch, put it on the stand, and it’s done!

Design: I love that this snitch comes with its own wooden stand, and the stand is as fun as the snitch itself.  And the snitch has such a simple design, but it’s perfect!

Value: This item has such a great value, it is $8.95 retail and you can find it a lot cheaper on eBay and Amazon and it is great quality!  This is definitely a must buy for people who want a good quality item for a cheap price. It’s a steal! Once again, I advise purchasing one to keep in mint condition and another to display and play with!

Buy it: Harry Potter Golden Snitch Sticker Kit

Rating: 9.5/10 I can’t help but love this cute little snitch!

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Collectible of the Week #2
Posted by Megs

This week I’m talking about a more affordable item: HP 20 Questions

About: The Harry Potter 20 Questions game is pretty simple; its just like a normal 20Q ball, you try to stump it by thinking of something in the Potter world.  What makes this so great is that they let fans test it out online months before it was released so this product really knows everything there is to know about the Potterverse. I have only stumped it a few times, it got radish earrings for goodness sake!

Design: This product is pretty creative; it is in the shape of a snitch, complete with wings & a stand.  What’s great about it is that when you want to play with it you can remove the wings so they don’t get in your way.  A must buy for any Potter Nerd!

Value: This is a great product for a collector on a budget, you get unlimited entertainment for under $20.  The value has gone down since it was first introduced so you can probably find it for around $10.  To get more bang for your buck, get two: one to play with & keep the other in the package, it could be worth a lot of money one day!

Buy it: Toy stores, Target, etc.  Buy it on amazon: 20Q (link 1) | 20Q (link 2)

Rating: 8.5/10 It’s only an 8.5 because it isn’t a really rare item.

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Collectible of the Week: #1
Posted by Megs

Welcome to the 1st edition of Collectible of the Week! Each week I will be talking about an item from my Harry Potter collection!  This week I decided to start with a very special book: Book Expo of America Exclusive Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Paperback.

About: This very special edition was limited to 5,000 copies & given out at the 2004 Chicago Book Expo of America.  The cover of the book is the same as the cover on the Deluxe Edition & inside the book there is a thank you from Scholastic that tells you it is a limited edition.  If you don’t own a copy of OotP & want one to read, this is not the book for you; it should be displayed & never read to keep its value.

Value: Since this was limited to 5,000 copies its pretty rare & the price reflects that.  Usually it sells for over $100 (I lucked out & paid about $30); but in this economy you may be able to score a great deal!

Buy it: Sadly, the only way to get this book is through eBay (or similar sites/stores), luckily there is 1 online now for $40 + free shipping! Buy it HERE; be fast, there’s only one! To find more search for Order of the Phoenix books & you may get lucky!

Rating: 10/10 This is definitely a favorite in my collection, which is saying a lot!

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