Since WB has just released a new limited edition watch, I found it only fitting to feature a watch for Collectible of the Week, the Harry Potter HC0095 Quidditch Trunk Watch!

About: This watch comes in a tin chest made to look like wood with the Hogwarts and House crests printed on it.  When you open the case, you see the watch sitting on a Quaffle, a Bludger on either side and a scroll rolled up inside which is a Certificate of Authenticity.  The numbers on the watch are in Roman Numerals & a Gryffindor lion in the middle of the watch face. (high resolution photos here, here & here)

Value: This is a pretty expensive item nowadays because it was limited to 1,000.  I usually see it for around $150, but there is currently one available for a whopping $255. (and its thanks to this listing that we have our 3rd photo of the watch outside the case)

Buy It: This watch is only available on eBay now, and it is quite pricey, but if you are lucky you might score a deal.

Rating: I rate this 10/10! It is a great item & true collectors piece because of it’s rarity.

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