Finally putting this back up, so annoyed that I lost it, oh well here we go! This time it’s going to be quicker.  This week we’ve featured that Harry Potter Special Edition UK Boxed set which I just got in the mail last week!

About: This set of books is truly a beautiful item, the books come in a red box with a red ribbon wrapped around them.  Each book has a cloth cover with a small square where the children’s edition cover is placed.

Value: They are expensive right now but I have a feeling that if you keep yours with the plastic wrapping or in PERFECT unread condition opened you will be able to make a large profit out of them when you are really old or your children sell them. 😉

Buy It: is the best place, or you can try eBay but thats more expensive. It’s about $170 right now to get them shipped to the US. BUY THEM!

Rating: 10/10 They are VERY expensive but a great buy for true Potter collectors!

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