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New UK Trailer and Poster for ‘Extraterrestrial’ Starring Freddie Stroma
Posted by Megs

Signature Entertainment have sent over a new UK trailer and poster for Extraterrestrial “a slick teen shocker with out-of-this-world scares and brutal surprises” starring Freddie Stroma. The film will be released in UK cinemas on October 29th, just in time for Halloween! A synopsis of the film may be read below:

Still reeling from her parents divorce, April (Brittany Allen, Defiance, Dead Before Dawn) is dragged back to the vacation cabin she spent fond summers at as a child accompanied by a group of friends. Her trip down memory lane takes a dramatic and terrifying turn when a fireball descends from the sky and explodes in the nearby woods. Lead by her boyfriend (Freddie Stroma, Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince, Pitch Perfect), the group venture out toward the crash site and discover the remnants of a ship from another planet along with footprints that suggest its alien occupants are still alive. The college friends soon find themselves caught in the middle of something bigger and more terrifying than they ever thought possible.

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Emma Watson to Star in Thriller ‘Colonia’
Posted by Megs

Variety is reporting this morning that Emma Watson is set to star opposite Daniel Bruhl in the thriller Colonia. The movie will be filmed in Luxembourg, Munich, Berlin and South America until the end of the year.  A description of the film is as follows:

[Colonia] tells the story of Lena and Daniel, a young couple who become entangled in the Chilean military coup of 1973. Daniel is abducted by Pinochet’s secret police and Lena tracks him to a sealed off area in the south of the country, called Colonia Dignidad. The Colonia presents itself as a charitable mission run by lay preacher Paul Schäfer but, in fact, is a place nobody ever escaped from. Lena decides to join the cult in order to find Daniel.

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Video: Rupert Grint Talks ‘It’s Only a Play’
Posted by Megs

Broadway.com has posted an interview Rupert Grint did with Access Hollywood to promote It’s Only a Play. Watch the interview below where Rupert discusses how he got into the play. (it includes an super cute clip of Rupert before the Sorcerer’s Stone premiere)

The play is currently in previews and has an opening night of October 9th and will run through January 4th. You can purchase tickets to It’s Only A Play at Telecharge from $72 – $167.

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Brendan and Domhnall Gleeson Starring in The Walworth Farce
Posted by Megs

Brendan Gleeson, along with his sons Domhnall Gleeson and Brian Gleeson will all be starring in The Walworth Farce by Enda Walsh. This is the first time all three will be together on stage. Brendan plays Dinny while Domnhall and Brian play Blake and Sean respectively. Some rather interesting photos of the trio, with Domnhall in a dress, can be seen on the play’s official website. The premise of the play is as follows:

Dinny and his two sons have left Ireland. What will they make of London? What will London make of them? Trapped in a tiny flat, endlessly rehearsing their past, they embark on a chaotic, roller-coaster ride through hilarity and terror.

The play will be at Olympia Theatre in Dublin, for a strictly limited four-week run, from 10 January – 8 February 2015. Tickets will go on sale at Ticketmaster at 9am on Friday, September 26th, visit this page for the link when available.

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Rupert Grint Talks ‘It’s Only a Play’ with Broadway Direct
Posted by Megs

In a new interview with Broadway Direct, Rupert Grint and writer Terrance McNally discuss It’s Only a Play. Rupert’s portion of the interview may be read below:

Clad in an eye-popping print suit, his red hair gelled like a rock star’s, Grint makes a vivid comic impression as an arrogant critics’ darling, lamenting with a pout, “I can’t help it — I was born charismatic.”

“When I read the script, I loved the character immediately,” says Grint, who is much more low-key in conversation than “Sir” Frank. “He’s already been knighted and is on top of his game, but he’s sick of being glorified. He’s also a borderline kleptomaniac, bold and ridiculous and kind of crazy, which is really, really fun for me. The play has such a rich variety of characters, all wanting different things from the reviews.”

Soon after accepting the part during a Skype interview with director Jack O’Brien, Grint found himself in rehearsal with five legendary American stage stars. “On the first day, I thought, What have I gotten myself into?” he recalls with a laugh. “I was terrified, but everyone was really welcoming, and the audience response has been amazing.” Recalling a backstage visit with his Harry Potter costar Daniel Radcliffe during Radcliffe’s Broadway run of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Grint says, “Dan was just shaking with excitement, and I felt that I definitely wanted to have a go” at Broadway.

The play is currently in previews and has an opening night of October 9th and will run through January 4th. You can purchase tickets to It’s Only A Play at Telecharge from $72 – $167.

Thanks Rupert-Grint.us!

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BBC2 Producing Julie Walters Documentary
Posted by Megs

It has been announced that BBC2 is producing a documentary on the life and career of Julie Walters, best known to Potter fans as Mrs Weasley.  The documentary will include an in-depth interview with the actress, along with some of her colleagues and friends, as well clips from some of her many film and television roles.

Julie Walters: In Their Words, is co-produced by Bafta Productions and will follow her being presented with the BAFTA Fellowship award, which we reported on here. Suzanne McManus, the commissioning editor for BBC said:

She’s so loved by her fellow actors, so I’m looking forward to hearing their inside stories and having Julie back on our screens.

Thanks to Mugglenet for the tip!

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