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Video: Emma Watson Launches the ‘HeForShe’ Campaign
Posted by Megs

Emma Watson, newly appointed UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador, was at the UN Headquarters in New York on Saturday, September 20 to launch their new ‘HeForShe‘ campaign which asks men and boys worldwide to join the movement for gender equality. The campaign aims to mobilize one billion men and boys as advocates of change in ending inequalities that women and girls face globally.

Watch her full speech below and read a transcript over at Rappler:

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Harry Potter: The Creature Vault To Be Released This October; Book Trailer
Posted by Megs

Publisher Harper Collins have released a new video trailer for their upcoming book Harry Potter: The Creature Vault.  The book will be released on October 28th and can be pre-ordered for $45 at Amazon, Harper Collins, and Barnes and Noble.  A second book, Harry Potter: The Book of Magical Places will be released in May of 2015.

HARRY POTTER: THE CREATURE VAULT (Harper Design; on sale October 28, 2014; $45.00, 208 pages, full color photos and illustrations throughout; ISBN: 9780062374233 ) is the first book devoted exclusively to the fascinating process of bringing to life the creatures in the Harry Potter films. With full support from Warner Bros., the studio behind the enormously successful film franchise, HARRY POTTER: THE CREATURE VAULT is a comprehensive and delightful look at the memorable creatures that populate the magical world. From Dementors and goblins to merpeople and Chinese Fireball dragons, HARRY POTTER: THE CREATURE VAULT peers into the filmmaking archives to give readers an inside look at the magical creatures featured in the wizarding world of the Harry Potter films.

HARRY POTTER: THE CREATURE VAULT is bound in a purple leatherette case with de-bossed images of the creatures featured in the magical world of the Harry Potter films. The interior features high-quality photographs of each of the creatures and is loaded with beautifully detailed concept art, behind-the-scenes shots, and film stills. A true collector’s edition, HARRY POTTER: THE CREATURE VAULT includes a removable poster that pictures each of the creatures in full color and an eight-page Eeylops Owl Emporium catalog, profiling the owls on offer at Diagon Alley’s one-stop shop for every wizard’s owl needs.

Compiled by Jody Revenson, this lavish volume will answer questions such as: How was Dobby created? How were the Hippogriffs (part horse, part eagle) made to look so real? In short: How does movie magic happen?

Jody Revenson has written extensively about the Harry Potter films and is the author of six books in the Harry Potter: Page to Screen Limited Edition, including Wizard Wear and Muggle Attire, Movie Magic, and Ten Years Later: Life On Set with the Harry Potter Cast and Crew. She has also written books about Jack Sparrow, the Disney theme parks, Dick Grayson, and Bugs Bunny. She lives in New York City.


Harper Design

On-Sale Date: October 28, 2014

$45.00 hardcover, 208 full-color pages

ISBN: 9780062374233

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Evanna Lynch Starring in ‘My Name is Emily’
Posted by Megs

IFTN reports that Evanna Lynch will be starring in My Name is Emily, a film by Simon Fitzmaurice. Evanna will be playing the title character of Emily, while Michael Smiley will play her father Robert and George Webster will play Arden (her love interest.) Simon suffers from Motor Neuron Disease (ALS) and, even though he is completely paralyzed, typed out the script for the film using his eyes and iris recognition software.

My Name is Emily is love story between two teens and a road movie. On her 16th birthday, Emily escapes from her foster home and with the help of Arden, the boy who loves her, she sets out to find her father Robert, a visionary writer locked up in a psychiatric institution.

Evanna had the following to say about the film: “After I read the script, it and Emily were all I could think about for weeks; it is so different to anything I’ve read and yet so real and dynamic, and it is an absolute privilege and a joy to have the opportunity to help bring My Name is Emily to life with Simon and his team. Simon is an incredible person and he is embracing challenges the like that no director has had to contend with before and it is awe-inspiring simply to be in the midst of that.”

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Alan Rickman Discusses ‘A Little Chaos’ with Variety
Posted by Megs

Alan Rickman recently sat down with Variety to talk about his new project A Little Chaos, which he is directing as well as starring in. The film is ‘a period drama about a female landscape gardener who finds herself thrust into the court of Louis XIV.’ The film debuts at the Toronto Film Festival on Saturday and hopes to find a distributor. A piece of the interview may be read below; read the full thing here.

You direct as well as act in the film. Was that difficult to juggle?

I think there should be a law against it, but other people manage somehow. Of course, you think about Orson Welles and think shut up and get on with it. It was an economic necessity for me to do it, and I was gifted with an incredibly supportive crew. Secondly, Louis doesn’t move very much. People come to him.

It’s been more than a decade since the last film you directed, “The Winter Guest,” came out. Why the delay?

A little thing called Harry Potter got in the way. That came along in 2000 and though it was just seven weeks out of year, it made it impossible to direct a movie. I’ve spent a year and half of my life on this one. Once my throat was attacked by a snake, it freed me up to go and do this.

Kate’s character and her struggle to be taken seriously for her work seems so modern despite the period trappings. Was that part of the project’s appeal for you?

As a man in society, it’s always salutatory to be reminded of a time when women had to fight to have any proper function other than being decorative and not having a job or being controlled by men.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more or less fascinated by Louis XIV and the whole Versailles thing than anybody else. I would not have ever predicted I’d have made a movie about that period, let alone make a period piece. But the contemporary nature of the writing appealed to me and the highest compliment I’ve received is that people tell me they forget it’s a period movie because the relationship between Kate and Matthias is so strong and subtle.

Was it difficult to bring the court of Louis XIV to life and all its opulence on a limited budget?

From my years in theater I know that limitations are sometimes good for the imagination.

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Harry Mellings Talks His Post-Potter Career; New Play
Posted by Megs

Harry Melling, who played Dudley Dursley in the Potter films, recently discussed his post-Potter career in a new interview with Digital Spy.  Since being in Potter, Harry has appeared in numerous stage plays as well as his own one-man show (which will be going to London next year after a successful run in New York.)  His newest project is another play, The Angry Brigade, which runs from September 19 to October 4 at The Drum, Theatre Royal Plymouth. Read the full interview here and some snippets below.

His new play The Angry Brigade takes him back to the 1970s

“It’s a great piece of theatre I think, the writing is exceptional: so full and brimming with ideas. Paines Plough are such a great company to work for. I’ve always wanted to work with them because I love all the new writing stuff they do, and James Graham is a brilliant, brilliant writer.

“I play quite a few [characters]. In the second act I play a guy called Jim, he was one of the Angry Brigaders, one of the Stoke Newington 8. He went to Cambridge where he met John Barker, who’s a fellow Angry Brigader. And they just got bored of the way the world ran really, and they tried to change it. Especially in Britain they were bored of the government, and the types of people that were running the country, and how the country was organized… they just didn’t want to be a part of it.”

“I think it’s extremely funny because James’s writing is always very funny. It’s extremely sharp, the wit is very clever, very witty. But also there’s some really heart-breaking scenes, you see their relationships corrode and you see them splintering. So it’s constantly going between those two things, from being very funny to going very serious. It’s a time in history that was kept under wraps. So that’s what is fizzing underneath this production: the need to tell this story.”

He still looks back fondly on his time in the Harry Potter universe

“It was so many years of doing it. And although I wasn’t on the yearly commitment that perhaps the others were on – because they were needed throughout the year for the shoot – I think maybe I got the best of both worlds. Allowing myself to live in the same world as movie making and then try and get back to school.

“I was very lucky in that sense. I had a great time, I learned a lot. It was a wonderful experience. It’s kind of odd to talk about it because it’s like talking about your childhood, it’s sometimes quite slippery what you remember and what you don’t remember. But I just remember it being such a blast.”

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Video: Watch Oliver Phelps in New Short, ‘Ears’
Posted by Megs

Comedy Central has released a brand new short film entitled Ears that stars Oliver Phelps, who we know best as George Weasley in the Harry Potter films.  The 3-minute short follows a young man with enormous ears who tries to disguise them to get a job interview. He fails, but is inspired by a girl with enormous feet to finally be himself.

See Oliver Phelps as you’ve never seen him before
Get More: See Oliver Phelps as you’ve never seen him before

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