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Chris Columbus Talks Potter with Entertainment Weekly
Posted by Megs

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone/Chamber of Secrets director Christopher Columbus talks about wishing to direct another Potter-related film, although he knows it is just a dream.

“I would love to go back and do another one,” says Columbus. “Not Fantastic Beasts as much, which I think is going to be amazing, but I would love to do another movie with those three characters — Harry, Hermione, and Ron. I’m just fascinated about what happened to them after the end of the last movie, because then they cut to 18 years ahead. There’s 18 years there of great Harry Potter stories.”

“I don’t have the courage to actually mention that to her because I have such respect for her,” says Columbus. “She should do what she wants to do, but I really would love to know what’s in her head about those missing years.”

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Dan Fogler and Ezra Miller Comment on Fantastic Beasts
Posted by Megs

While at Comic Con Dan Fogler, who will be playing Jacob in Fantastic Beasts, discussed his casting and his excitement for the role! He talks about Fantastic Beasts during the first part of the video:

A transcript can be read below:

First of all, congratulations on the big news. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Do you know where to find them?
Dan Fogler:
Trying to find some reverse Crazy Glue, ‘cause apparently I stuck my hand to my face last night. I’m kidding. (laughs) Yeah, man. Fantastic Beasts. I mean, I had all sorts of stuff lined up that we COULD talk about, but that’s gotten just smashed to the side by Fantastic Beasts. (laughs) That’s basically what I’ll be doing for a little while.

When we talked earlier, you said that you’re going to have an accent.
Dan Fogler:
Yeah, I think it’s gonna be somewhere in the Lou Costello 1920s early Brooklyn … “How’re ya goils doin?” I dunno. Something like that, I’m imagining. It takes place in the early ‘20s in New York. It’s a very fun era.

You remember it clearly?
Dan Fogler:
I feel like I definitely have a past life that was there. I know how to do the Charleston pretty good. I’m not gonna do it. I’ll ralph all over you. “I had a piece of Dan Fogler vomit right here (points to face) and I’m never gonna wash it.” (laughs)

You didn’t know that news was going to break this weekend. Or did you?
Dan Fogler:
No idea. I was walking up here, hauling my boxes of comic books, schlepping, sweating, and then my manager calls me up and was like, “Oh, by the way, now you’re part of this franchise.”

I think I saw you when you were on that phone conversation.
Dan Fogler:
You saw me?

I ran into you outside yesterday. I didn’t want to interrupt you. You were happy.
Dan Fogler:
I was like weeping. I’m in shock. I’m in excess of excitement right now.

You got anything else you want to talk about, or are those [projects] on hold for now?
Dan Fogler:
Well, I make an appearance in the show Billions. We’ll see. I was supposed to have a recurring character. Very exciting … Paul Giamatti – for Showtime. It’s kind of gotten waylaid but we’ll see if I’m able to jump back on board for that. And there’s all sorts of fun movies percolating … we’ll see what happens. This Fantastic Beasts thing has definitely changed the course of my career.

Also, Ezra Miller, who has been rumored to be in talks for the film commented on those assumptions by letting fans know he is NOT in the running.

After this and Stanford, I guess you’re doing a couple bigger movies. You’re playing The Flash [in Batman v. Superman and The Flash]. And… the Harry Potter movie, Fantastic Beasts, as well?
Motherf—-rs have ‘been sayin’ this s–t to me and I’m like, I f—ing wish!

Where the f–k is that coming from? I mean I wish they’d tell me about it if that’s true, you know? I’d hope I’m on it. I hope they would be recognizing my long-running wizardry practice, how I’m f—ing ready to go! But I just keep hearing this from people who I guess are reading, like, Gawker or some s–t…

Yeah, but now it’s on your IMDb page, so I thought it was FOR REAL.
Whoa. It’s on my IMDb page?!
Michael [Angarano]: Have you not seen your IMDb page recently?
Ezra: No, dude! I don’t look at my IMDb page that has this headshot from when I was 14.

Maybe you’re in it, and you just don’t know…
Well I would appreciate it if whoever is making that movie would f—ing tell me.

They filmed you in the wild!
If you’re reading this Complex article right now, please let me know if I am in your film. Could I see the script, what is my character… these are things I’d like to know.

Thanks to SnitchSeeker for the find and transcript of Dan’s interview!

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Bloomsbury Announces Deluxe Edition of the Full-Colour Illustrated Philosopher’s Stone
Posted by Megs

Click to view full size image
This morning Bloomsbury have announced that they will publish a deluxe edition of the full-colour illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone written by J.K. Rowling and illustrated by Jim Kay, alongside the much anticipated £30 edition. They have also released a full image of Diagon Alley which is included in the deluxe edition as a pull-out. View it in the gallery.

The deluxe illustrated edition of J.K. Rowling’s timeless classic will feature an exclusive pull-out double gatefold of Diagon Alley; intricate foiled line art by Jim Kay on a real cloth cover and slipcase; gilt edges on premium grade paper; head and tail bands and two ribbon markers. It is the ultimate must-have edition for any fan, collector or bibliophile. This edition will be sold exclusively from the Bloomsbury.com website until March 2016 when it will be made available to retail outlets.

This special edition is an utterly enchanting feast of a book and something to treasure for a lifetime. Brimming with rich detail and humour, Jim Kay’s dazzling depiction of the wizarding world and much loved characters will captivate fans and new readers alike. In oil, pastel, pencil, watercolour, pixels and a myriad of other techniques, Jim Kay has created over 115 astonishing illustrations.

The £30 edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Illustrated Edition will be published on 6th October in more than twenty-one languages around the world. All editions will include Jim Kay’s stunning artwork. Fans in the US can order their copies here.

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Dan Fogler Cast in Fantastic Beasts Plus Open Casting Call
Posted by Megs

Deadline reported last week that Dan Fogler has been cast in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. According to their article:

Folger will play Jacob, a non-wizard type who runs into Newt Scamander (Redmayne) when he stops in New York City on his travels to find and document magical creatures.

Warner Bros. UK has also shared that there is an open casting call for a young actress this Saturday.

We are looking for a girl between the ages of 8- 12 yrs for the role of ‘Modesty’.

‘Modesty’ is a haunted young girl with an inner strength and stillness. She has an ability to see deep into people and understand them.

If you would like to apply to be considered for this role and you fit the criteria below, please come along to make an application and to meet a member of the Casting Team and have a photo taken.

Saturday 18 July 2015
Excel Centre Hall
Royal Victoria Dock
1 Western Gateway
London E16 1XL

Queue will open at 9:00am and will close promptly at 1:00pm. No one will be permitted to join the queue after 1:00pm.
Application process will begin at 10:00am.
There are no facilities for overnight queuing and camping is strictly prohibited.
Please? wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately for the weather on the day. Even if sunny it may be advisable to bring a sweater for air conditioned areas.

Application Criteria/ Restrictions.

– All girls between the ages of 8-12yrs may apply.
– All applicants must be available for the shooting dates between August 2015 – January 2016.
– All applicants must be eligible to work in the UK
– All applicants must be accompanied by one parent or legal guardian over the age of 18 yrs.
– Additional guests cannot be admitted into the venue.
– Unaccompanied minors will not be permitted to make an application.
– Travel expenses will not be reimbursed.

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First Look at Domhnall Gleeson in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’
Posted by Megs

A new behind the scenes look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens was revealed at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend. The feature takes a quick look at the movie and we get to see Domhnall Gleeson in the footage.

Domhnall confirmed at SDCC that he will be playing General Hux, telling the audience ‘I am evil!’ when asked outright if he was playing a bad guy. But then, he added: ‘He’s British, so yeah.’

See Domhnall at 2:45.

A photo showing his character, General Hux, was also released at Comic Con and can be seen below:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is directed by JJ Abrahms and hits theaters this December 18th.

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Video: Trailer for ‘Brooklyn’ Starring Domhnall Gleeson, Jim Broadbent and Julie Walters
Posted by Megs

The first trailer for Brooklyn, a film about a young Irishwoman coming to New York, has been released. The film stars Harry Potter alumni Domhnall Gleeson, Jim Broadbent and Julie Walters. The film will be released on November 6, 2015.

BROOKLYN tells the profoundly moving story of Eilis Lacey (Saoirse Ronan), a young Irish immigrant navigating her way through 1950s Brooklyn. Lured by the promise of America, Eilis departs Ireland and the comfort of her mother’s home for the shores of New York City. The initial shackles of homesickness quickly diminish as a fresh romance sweeps Eilis into the intoxicating charm of love. But soon, her new vivacity is disrupted by her past, and Eilis must choose between two countries and the lives that exist within.

Dohmnall plays an Irisman, Jim Farrell while Jim Broadbent plays Father Flood and Julie Walters portrays Mrs. Kehoe.

Thanks to SnitchSeeker for the tip!

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