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Video: Trailer for Jessie Cave’s “Mary Rose”
Posted by Megs

Jessie Cave will be starring as Mary Rose in J.M. Barrie’s adaptation of Mary Rose at Riverside Studios beginning March 28, 2012 and running for one month.  The description of the show is as follows:

In a Sussex manor house a ghost keeps watch, yearning for the return of her beloved boy. In the whispering waters surrounding the Hebrides, a fir tree and a rowan keep vigil over a mysterious island where spirits walk.

Mary Rose is a supernatural story of love, lost innocence and the parallel world where our departed ones are still present, just beyond reach. DogOrange is proud to present an exciting and eerily beautiful feast for the eyes and ears.

A trailer for the production has also been released online and may be watched below:

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Jessie Cave to Star in Mary Rose; Project Amstel; More
Posted by Megs

Playbill is reporting that Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown) is set to star in J.M. Barrie’s Mary Rose in London. It will begin performances at Studio 3 at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith March 28, prior to an official opening March 30, for a run through April 28.

the play is set in a Sussex manor house where a ghost keeps watch, yearning for the return of her beloved boy. It is described as a supernatural story of love, lost innocence and the parallel world where our departed ones are still present, just beyond reach.

This production, directed by Matthew Parker and featuring original music composed by Maria Haik Escudero that will be performed live, has an ensemble cast of 16, including Joanna Watt, Charlie Kerson, Nicholas Hoad, Phil Bishop, Alec Gray, Sally Preston, Philippa George, Ariel Harrison and Maya Thomas, with more to be announced.

Additionally, Multitude Media have emailed to let us know about Project Amstel. Jessie has been following Simon Amstell in the lead up to his new tour and has put together a series of videos where she tries to convince Simon of the merits of social media. They met during the filming of the second series of Grandma’s House, which airs later in the spring.

Jessie has been a very busy girl lately with many upcoming projects: She will appear next on TV in the second series of Simon Amstell’s “Grandma’s House” for the BBC and in Mike Newell’s film adaptation of “Great Expectations,” playing Biddy. She will also be presenting a one-woman show Bookworm at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

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Video: Jessie Cave Features Katie Leung in New PinDippy Short
Posted by Megs

Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown) has released yet another short film on her website, PinDippy.  This video is called Spy Girl and features Katie Leung, who we all know as Cho Chang from the Potter films.

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Video: Jessie Cave and Alfie Enoch in ‘Sitting in a Tree’
Posted by Megs

Jessie Cave, who played Lavender Brown in the Potter films, has released a brand new video on her website, PinDippy. The video is called Sitting in a Tree and features fellow Potter alum Alfie Enoch, who played Dean Thomas. Jessie has also confirmed that Alfie was in one of her “Flat White” videos as well, that she will be posting soon, which is a series about a family obsessed with the drink. Many other Potter stars have been in these skits such as Evanna Lynch and Scarlett Byrne.

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Harrods.com Interviews Potter Cast at Signing
Posted by Megs

On Thursday December 1st Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick and Griphook), James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley), Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown), and Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley) made a special appearance at The Harry Potter Shop in Harrods and harrods.com interviewed them exclusively at the event.  Harrods have also sent us a few photos from the event which you may view in the gallery!

What is the funniest anecdote you have from the Harry Potter films?

Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown): I remember filming a scene where Rupert and I had to run up a stairwell and then we had to stop and kiss and then keep running. But there’s no wall so there was just a guy standing on the floor holding his arms out just in case one of us fell. I remember thinking ‘this is Rupert Grint, surely if he falls this is going to be bad! I’m okay if I fall!’

If you could play another character in the film, who would you play?

MW: It changes all the time but I quite fancy the idea of being Bellatrix. Because she obviously just had great fun doing it, didn’t she? Caffeine mad that woman!

OP: I’d quite like to play someone like Krum in The Goblet of Fire.

MW: He’s just so cool, isn’t he? How can someone be that cool?

JC: Dolores Umbridge, definitely. Just so wacky, with that cats and the kitsch costumes.

JP: Either George or Dobby.

WD: Professor Snape – “you have your mother’s eyes”.

Did you all have to read the books before you made the films?

MW: I confess, before I was in the film I read the books avidly, after I was in the film, they became homework.

JP: It did help though because you knew that even if a certain story wasn’t in the film, you could still know where you got to. You could play into it and act accordingly. I think they said that if they were to make the first book, The Philosopher’s Stone, into a script it would be seven hours long. So who knows how many days the last one would have been.

MW: The eight films are 19 hours and 30 minutes in total.

WD: There’ll be fans doing marathons like that.

Thanks to Harrods for emailing with the news!

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Jessie Cave Talks Body Image, Hollywood, PinDippy and More
Posted by Megs

Jessie Cave has done a new interview with Evening Standard to promote the opening of her online store. In the interview she talks about her website, PinDippy, her upcoming film Great Expectations, what it was like when she went to Hollywood and more.

And this week she launches her own online fashion label, based on the clothes she wears in her films. “I have created a mini-factory in my bedroom,” she laughs. You can choose between 14 different T-shirts decorated with words and hearts. She has catered for all shapes, and the designs are quirky rather than overtly sexual: “I’ve got lots of messages about positive body image.” Rather than using fashion models, all designs are illustrated online.

Cave feels strongly about the cosmetic pressure put on young women. When the Harry Potter franchise was drawing to a close, she flew to LA to meet Hollywood agents. It was, she says, a “horrendous” experience: “You’re made aware of what the industry is, and what you need to conform to … I don’t fit that, and I’m never going to.”


If you look on YouTube there’s a hilarious short film (What’s in Your Shop?) that she made about meeting a Hollywood lifestyle guru. “It’s basically what happened to me, being told that you’re fat and ugly. They fire questions at you: ‘What are you doing over here?’, ‘Why are you wearing glasses?’, ‘You do have contacts lenses, don’t you?’ It’s so funny how clichéd it was. In a way I liked that, because they were so upfront.”

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