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Trailer for James Phelps’ “Cadia: The World Within”
Posted by Megs

A new trailer for Cadia: The World Within starring James Phelps has been released. Cadia: The World Within is the story of Matthew, David, and Renee Addams, three fourteen-year-olds whose journey into a mystical realm teaches them about grace, love, doubt, and the nature of good versus evil.

James Phelps stars as Tanion, a mysterious character we don’t know much about. Is he good? Or is he evil? Only time will tell.

The film will be released on Amazon Prime and Vudu on September 15th 2020. We will share streaming links as soon as they are made available.

Devastated by the loss of their mother, three teenagers discover a mystical realm ruled by unseen forces, where they must attempt to work together and overcome evil to return home. Cadia: The World Within is a family fantasy film written and directed by Cedric Gegel and produced by Zach Throne and Schalet Jackson. Starring two-time Emmy® and GOLDEN GLOBE® nominee Corbin Bernsen (LA Law, Major League, Psych), James Phelps (the Harry Potter saga), Rick Montgomery, Jr. (Blessid, Altered Hours, Squid Man), Nicky Buggs (The Secret Life of Bees), and introducing Keegan Sells, Carly Sells, Tanner Sells, and Dillon Perry.

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James & Oliver Phelps Attending Opening of Harry Potter: The Exhibition – Netherlands
Posted by Megs

James and Oliver Phelps will be attending the opening of Harry Potter: The Exhibition in the Netherlands on February 11th. They made the announcement over on Facebook (and their Instagram accounts) earlier today. Make sure to order your tickets to see the exhibition, at CineMec Utrecht, now at the Official website!

More information, translated from the website, may be read below:

Harry Potter ™ fans in Netherlands finally get the chance to step inside the famous wizard world of Harry Potter Harry Potter ™: The Exhibition! Since its world premiere in Chicago, the unique exhibition has more than 4 million visitors welcomed in, inter alia, Boston, Toronto, Seattle, New York, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai and Brussels. And from February is Harry Potter: The Exhibition last seen in Netherlands: In addition CineMec in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition is a 1400m2 experiential exhibition, where visitors as they come to be immersed in the world of Harry Potter.

Visitors walk through sensational sceneries realized based on the real Harry Potter film sets and witness the craftsmanship that lies behind the thousands of authentic props, costumes and magical creatures that were used in the iconic film series.

After an appropriate welcome some elect even placed in their proper department by Hogwarts sorting hat. Then the visitors start their journey along different favorite scenes from the Harry Potter movies. The exhibition includes scenes of the most popular locations from the movies, including the common room and dormitory of Gryffindor tower, classrooms such as Potions and Herbology and the Forbidden Forest.

Besides the beautiful scenery and displays there are also several interactive elements. In the Quidditch area visitors can toss a Quaffle.

In the classroom Herbology draw aspiring magicians their own Mandrake and can sit in Hagrid’s hut in his giant chair.

During this unique exhibition, you get closer to the special wizarding world than ever! Harry Potter: The Exhibition is a must see for young and old!

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Videos: Tom Felton and James & Oliver Phelps at MegaCon
Posted by Megs

Thanks to Nerds & Beyond we have some footage of Tom Felton, James Phelps and Oliver Phelps at this year’s MegaCon in Orlando.

Our friends Betsy and Lori from Feltbeats also had the chance to interview Tom Felton at the event.

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Cast Attending Wizarding World Hollywood Grand Opening Revealed
Posted by Megs

Pottermore has revealed some of the cast and crew from the Potter films that will be attending a Red Carpet Gala opening for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood on April 5th.  Warwick Davis, Tom Felton, Evanna Lynch, James Phelps and Oliver Phelps along with composer John Williams will attend the Grand Opening event.

The attraction has been five years in the making, and features a stunning recreation of Hogwarts castle as well as Hogsmeade village.

Following in the footsteps of Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Japan, the Hollywood attraction will bring back some of the fans’ favourite rides, as well as a few new surprises.

The park officially opens on April 7th but is currently doing “soft openings” where fans can visit the park with limited rides and stores open.  Here’s a quick definition of a soft opening for those of you unfamiliar:

A soft opening is usually a less strenuous opening for the ride or attraction. It might not open at park open or might close before park close. It may open and close periodically throughout the day for minor adjustments or to run routine safety checks, although usually these closures are “soft” closures – they don’t clear the queue, they just cycle and empty cycle or stop the ride after everyone’s off for a moment or two. There may be private events, training or staffing requirements, repairs, media, or inspections that require the attraction be closed an entire day or more during this time. Certain effects or features might not be working yet.

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Trailer for ‘Danny and the Human Zoo’ Featuring Evanna Lynch + Photo of Phelps Twins
Posted by Megs

BBC has released the trailer for the television film, Danny and the Human Zoo, which will be released later this year. Evanna Lynch plays Bridget O’Riordan, the girlfriend of main character Danny Fearon.

Danny’s world is a series of complex minefields which he has to negotiate: his home life – which his ebullient mother rules with an iron fist in an iron glove; his love life – where the Irish girl he’s in lust with won’t give him the time of day until he wins his first competition; and finally the ups and downs of his emerging career.

When Danny wins a talent competition at his local club it’s not long until he’s working the comedy circuit. Audiences can’t get enough, applauding as he effortlessly morphs into Mohammed Ali, Tommy Cooper and Frank Spencer, and eventually he hits the big time on TV – an unheard-of achievement for a young black boy.

But an unscrupulous manager takes advantage of Danny and forces him to star in a show, the ‘Musical Minstrel Cavalcade’. Danny hits rock bottom. Having made his name by becoming other people, Danny has to save himself by finding out who he really is.

The film also stars James and Oliver Phelps as Mr. Carter and, you guessed it, Mr. Carter. A photo of the two in costume may be seen below:

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Watch ‘A Mind’s Eye’ Starring James and Oliver Phelps
Posted by Megs

A Mind’s Eye, a short film starring James and Oliver Phelps, has been released online and can be rented for $2.95 at Vimeo.

This is a film about Plato’s ideas. It is about Stanley who thinks things into existence. He thinks of fire and fire appears. He thinks of rocks, water and trees and rocks, water and trees appear. He even manages to think a horse and a baby boy into existence. Or does he?

While Stanley is busy concentrating, his reflection is behaving inappropriately. The two begin a dialogue in the tradition of Socrates and his pupils. The reflection, Stanley Too, proves the wiser and though Stanley believes himself to be the ‘real’ Stanley and the other the reflection, he discovers this may not be the case.

Watch the trailer below.

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