Den of Geek have posted a new article where they interviewed Tom Felton, Julie Walters, Warwick Davis, The Phelps’, Bonnie Wright and Natalia Tena at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London at Leavesden Studios. They all talk about the upcoming attraction and their favorite parts.

Can you tell us which props won’t be on display on the tour because they’re on your mantle pieces?

Julie Walters: Nothing.

Oliver Phelps: They’re all there.

James Phelps: Everyone wanted a wand, and we were hoping on the last day they’d see “You take that with you”.

OP: We were dropping hints…

JP: But when all the bigwigs from Warner Bros were over we kind of “It’d be nice to have our wands wouldn’t it?” and they were like, “Yeah, it would be good wouldn’t it” but that was it.

JW: That was the end of it.

It’s an outrage. So, which is the prop or set that impressed you the most? Is it the wands?

JW: The Weasley set of course. I wanted to live in it, it was like a home. It didn’t feel like a set, it was gorgeous, you couldn’t be on there long enough, the detail was enormous.

Bonnie Wright: One thing I wonder if they’ll ever show, was in Stuart Craig’s office above his desk he had this great drawing, just plain paper and felt tip pen, the first time that Jo and he met to sit down and discuss, she just did a really simple, simple map, like Hagrid’s house, Hogwarts, lake, Quidditch Pitch. It was literally just her drawing of where she knew in her mind where it was all going to be. It was above his desk throughout the whole film.

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