Hello everyone, well I think it is safe to say that the idea of a Monthly Competition for the site didn’t work out. I’ve only gotten 1 entry in 2 months. So I think we are going to scrap that idea. BUT while I was in class today I thought of a great feature for the site: Collectible of the Week! What I will do is this:

As you may know, I am a HUGE Harry Potter collector so once a week (probably Sunday) I will go through my Harry Potter collection (photos) and pick out 1 item and take some photos of it.  Then I will describe the item, tell you how the quality is, if it is rare or can be found anywhere, the current value (if I can find that out), rate it, tell you where you can purchase it and more!  I will do this for rare items and your run-of-the-mill items like coloring books, etc.!  You can even suggest what you want me to review/talk about.

What do you all think? Good idea? PLEASE comment so I know if people are interested in the idea.

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