In addition to Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite’s Halloween updates, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is also getting in on the action! They’ve released a new trailer sharing the updates!

This October in the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery RPG mobile game, Jam City is unveiling new content and exclusive events to celebrate Dark Arts month! Fenrir Greyback, a notoriously savage werewolf, is making his terrifying return at Hogwarts, while Chiara, one of the most mysterious students at Hogwarts, asks for the players’ help on her “howling” struggles leading up to the night of the full moon. Special Unveil: the most famous werewolf in the Wizarding World, by the name that rhymes with Lemus Rupin, will be making an appearance as well!

This year, not only the Great Hall, but the hallways, dungeons, and House Common Rooms will all be adorned with spooky decor, greeting students with creepy smiling pumpkins at every corner. Players will have the opportunity to partake in events that will award fun costumes and scary face paint looks, so that everyone can look the part for the haunting holiday!

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