Where did the name Magical Menagerie come from?

There is a store in Diagon Alley called Magical Menagerie that sells animals. So that is where the name came from!

Before M-M

I always wanted to make a Harry Potter site, but I never knew how. So in my senior year of high school I took an html class. I really enjoyed learning it, I taught my teacher a lot of stuff because she was just learning how to do it herself. Most of the stuff I use for my site I didn’t even learn in the class but it was sort of a jumping off point.

At first I didn’t know how to make layouts so my friend Jenny made the first ones for me. Magical-Menagerie was originally called Draco Dormiens Numquam Titillandus and I had it on freewebs. I opened DDNT on May 6th, 2006.

The site was doing fairly well for a freewebs site, getting plenty of views and I wanted to make the site bigger, but with freewebs that was a little hard.
(story continued below)

DDNT Layouts

(click to enlarge image) Made by Jenny

DDNT Layout 1 DDNT Layout 2

About Magical-Menagerie.com

So I practiced making a few layouts for other sites and then when I bought my domain I made a new layout and changed the name of the site. So the new and improved DDNT, now called Magical-Menagerie opened on January 14, 2007. And that is where the story ends….for now. I am hoping to have this site be a great resource for Harry Potter fans and still continue after all the books and movies are completed to follow the careers of the actors/actresses.

August 3, 2009 Update: I am proud to say this site has come a LONG way since its early days.  Now it is one of the largest Harry Potter sites out there.   Also a huge event for the site was me being able to attend the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiere in New York to interview the cast, it was a really great experience!  Hopefully I will be able to do the same thing for Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2.

This site is still a one woman show since I am a control freak and I prefer to work alone.  So this is a full time job for me along with school (and work when I start working).  I love doing this site so I don’t mind working on it all day posting news updates and such.  There may come a day when I will need help, but that would only happen if the site became HUGE HUGE HUGE, and I really don’t think that is possible since the Harry Potter series is almost at an end with the final 2 films.  But hopefully this site will still be a great resource for new Harry Potter fans for years to come!

Thanks to all who continue to visit the site, I do it for you guys, and myself of course since I love it!

Past Layouts

Made by Megan

By Jenny
Half-Blood Prince Order of the Phoenix

Current Layouts

By Jenny
Deathly Hallows