Movoto, a real estate blog has calculated how much Ron Weasley’s home, The Burrow, would cost in today’s market! Natalie, the author of the post, figured that the Burrow is worth approximately $660,150, £105,336 or 89,816 Galleons! According to her:

With [the] price per square foot in mind, the Burrow, at just 1,467 square feet, would cost you a mere $660,150 (£105,336). Since the real-world Muggle house in Ottery St. Mary that I used to come up with the price per square foot actually does come with surrounding property very similar to the Burrow’s (the gardens, the land, even the detached garage), this price for the Burrow would get you the house and the surrounding property—though, I can’t guarantee any gnomes, chickens, or a ghoul in the attic. You’ll probably have to pay a bit more for those.

The Burrow from Harry Potter for Sale

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