Thanks so much to my friend Suraya for doing a report of when she met JK Rowling in Canada during her 2007 open book tour!

The event took place at the Winter Garden Theatre, which, in my opinion, was the perfect location. It has a nice, cozy feel to it, perfect for a book reading. Also, it’s not too large, so everyone in the theatre is relatively close to the stage, and the topmost priority of every fan in the room was to be as close to our hero as possible.

It was amazing to hear her read the words that we all had read ourselves months before (possibly multiple times). For me, it was even better than seeing it performed in the movies (though I’ve never seen an interpretation of this scene) because she knows these characters better than anyone. She knows what they’re thinking, how they would say things. So, her tone, her expression, everything; it was all spot on.

Go HERE to read it!

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