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Daniel Radcliffe Talks ‘Inishmaan’ with Theater Mania
Posted by Megs

In a new interview with Theater Mania, Daniel Radcliffe talks about some of his favorite moments while playing Billy in The Cripple of Inishmaan on Broadway. This week marks his last week of performances for the show, so be sure to get tickets now before he’s gone! Some pieces of the interview may be read below:

Everyone loves inside jokes. What is the best one from your show?

June Watson, who plays Mammy, the drunk Irish mother, has a line, “They are, I suppose.” But June goes and [puts on an older Irish dialect]: “They areeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I suppose.” Offstage, you can hear every single cast member join in and then collapse into laughter. We’ve got so many lines that are like tongue twisters. Every night someone will trip over something [and we'll laugh].

Why did you choose to return to Broadway in an ensemble piece such as this, as opposed to a star vehicle like Equus?

I guess I didn’t look at it and say, “This is a great part”; I looked at the play and said, “This is a great part in a great play.” I just thought I’d be doing a great play. I didn’t realize at the time that I’d be getting three scenes off in the middle, which was lovely. In How to Succeed, when I wasn’t onstage, I was changing, so it was very busy. It’s very nice to do a play where you do get some time to yourself. And working with such a great ensemble has been really exciting.

Of all the jokes about Billy that get made throughout the course of the play, which one do you personally find funniest?

The funniest joke of the play is actually made about Billy’s mother. He says, “I’ve heard my mother was a beautiful woman,” and the Doctor goes, “No, she was awful ugly. She’d scare a pig.” It’s such an awful and funny line.

If you could talk Rupert Grint and Emma Watson into starring with you in a play or musical, which one would it be?

I’m thinking of things that have one girl and two guys, and the first one was Merrily We Roll Along. Let’s go with that.

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J.K. Rowling, Tom Felton & Evanna Lynch Attend Grand Opening of Wizarding World Japan
Posted by Megs

This morning, Universal Studios Japan have shared a press release about the Grand Opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Japan.  Evanna Lynch, Tom Felton and even Jo herself were in attendance. The theme park is now officially open and guests can enjoy the attractions!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, an area meticulously recreating the world of the Harry Potter stories, opened this morning (Tues., July 15) at 7:35 AM at Universal Studios Japan.

At approximately 7:15 AM, Mr. Tom Felton and Ms. Evanna Lynch, who both starred in the Harry Potter film series, joined USJ Co., Ltd., President & CEO Mr. Glenn Gumpel, and commenced an Opening Ceremony at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s entrance archway to much applause from guests anxious to enter. Mr. Felton and Ms. Lynch led the guests with the Revelio spell as the archway was filled with smoke, which slowly lifted to reveal Hogsmeade village prompting cheers from waiting park guests. Then so many guests stepped into Hogsmeade village with excitement and were welcomed by Hogsmeade villagers.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a 45 billion yen project with a 5.6 trillion yen projected economic impact over ten years, is sure to meet the expectations of a national level project of its size and attract many guests over the coming years.

Event Attendees

  • Tom Felton Actor: Harry Potter film series “Draco Malfoy”
  • Evanna Lynch Actress: Harry Potter film series “Luna Lovegood”
  • Glenn Gumpel Chairman & CEO, USJ Co., Ltd.

Be sure to check out the special interactive USJ website where visitors can fully immerse themselves in the world of Harry Potter and virtually experience every corner of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. www.usj.co.jp/harrypotter

J.K. Rowling, who previewed the park privately, had the following to say about the park (and The Black Lake, which is only at the Japan park):

The craft and attention to detail across the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan is incredible, and I will take away the memory of Hogwarts Castle reflected on the Black Lake in particular. I’m delighted that Harry fans in Japan and around Asia can experience a physical incarnation that is so close to what I imagined when writing the books.” – J.K. Rowling

Evanna and Tom addressed teh fans and said the following:

“Thank you for sharing your passion and your enthusiasm for the films and books with us as all because it means so much after all these years to still have that love. And thank you for welcoming us to this part of your celebration,” – Evanna Lynch

“I’m so excited to see the Japanese fans getting the opportunity to walk through this fabulous park. Very pleased to see some Slytherin t-shirts over there as well. Some home support, so thank you very much for having us.” – Tom Felton

Also, our friends at Mugglenet are in attendance and have put up their first report from the Grand Opening celebrations, read it here and make sure to check out their photos!

A quick video a fan posted during the opening celebration may be watched below:

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Official ‘Horns’ Website Plus New Trailer, Poster & UK Release Date
Posted by Megs

Lionsgate has revealed an official website for Daniel Radcliffe’s new film, Horns, which will be released on Halloween in the UK. Additionally, a brand new poster was released earlier today and can be seen here. You can also find film updates on their Facebook and Twitter accounts (both FrightClubUK.)

Thanks to SnitchSeeker for the tip!

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Evanna Lynch Talks Potter, Upcoming Projects in New Interview
Posted by Megs

In a new interview with Independent.ie, Evanna Lynch talks about her life post-Harry Potter. She talks about her recent trip to the Philippines with UNICEF.

“That was the really strange thing,” she muses down the line from her home in Los Angeles. “These people were living in tin huts with no sanitation, but they had camera-phones and knew instantly what ‘Harry Potter’ was.

“On the trip, I wanted to learn about the country and really get my hands dirty, but I found I was having to be a celebrity. I thought to myself ‘this is so useless’, and I felt like a bit of a bimbo, to be honest. But after a while I was like, ‘get over yourself’. These people want hope, and that’s what helps them in the long term. What they want is a voice in the world.”

“I’m aware of my ignorance of countries that have suffered disasters,” she says. “I often get caught up in feeling sorry for myself, and I have to work hard to combat that. Nothing forces you into gratitude more than being in a disaster-struck country.”

She also talks about when one of her projects, Monster Butler, which also starred Gary Oldman, was dropped (we originally reported on the film in June 2012):

“When ‘Monster Butler’ fell through at the last minute, I was heartbroken for a few weeks, but it was my first big lesson in LA,” Lynch admits. “I remember Jason [Isaacs] saying to me that to move out to LA, you have to make sure you really want it,” she continues. “People aren’t doing you any favours here. You can’t coast on something you did before as there are so many talented and ambitious people here.”

She goes on to talk about her other job, as a yoga instructor:

“The funny thing is that I’ve been told that to make it as a yoga teacher in Los Angeles is harder than making it in Hollywood,” she laughs. For now, she gives private sessions, and the occasional public class, where she mercifully doesn’t get recognised for her most famous alter-ego.

“Anyone who has been through an eating disorder needs to do something physical to give themselves peace of mind,” she explains. “I don’t believe in nourishing just one part of the soul or mind or body: I want to pay attention to all of them. I don’t think anyone can just be an actor. Acting jobs, when they come along, I see them as a real gift … but I needed a real person job. Acting can be very solitary, and very ‘me-me-me’. Yoga puts it all back in balance.”

Read the full interview, here.

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Megan is This Week’s Guest Host on Mugglenet’s Alohomora Podcast
Posted by Megs

MuggleNet’s global book club, Alohomora!, continues its reread of the Harry Potter series by discussing Chapter 15 of Order of the Phoenix: “The Hogwarts High Inquisitor.” Join hosts Caleb, Kat, Michael, and special guest host, Megan (me!) as we discuss the latest act of Ministry meddling at Hogwarts.

On Episode 92 we discuss…

  • Episode 91 Recap: Fudge manipulating; Percy’s still a prat; Racism and other prejudices; JKR’s intentions; Molly’s validation
  • PQOTW responses
  • More Ministry schemes
  • Who thought up these O.W.L. grades?
  • Who knows what about Trelawney?
  • McGonagall handles Umbridge
  • Question of the Week
  • Check out the Alohomora! store

To listen to the show, visit the Alohomora website. You can also subscribe to us on iTunes.

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Actor Dave Legeno Has Passed Away
Posted by Megs

It is being reported that actor and martial artist Dave Legeno (who is best known to us as Fenrir Greyback) has passed away while hiking this weekend.  He was found in Death Valley in California by another group of hikers and it is suspected that his death was caused by the extreme heat.  Temperatures can reach up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit there so heat exhaustion is always a risk. An official cause of death has not been released by authorities.

Our thoughts are with his friends and family during this difficult time.

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