Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Patronus

Jam City has introduced a brand new feature to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, patronuses! The brand new in-game storyline gives players the opportunity to summon their unique corporeal Patronus.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Patronus

Available now, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players will encounter a mysterious evil that has unexplainably entered Hogwarts!  In this new special adventure, Tonks and her jackrabbit Patronus will help defend players from this dangerous threat and teach players the Patronus charm, one of the most powerful defensive charms in the Wizarding World.  Ultimately, each player will be able to summon their own unique Patronus, designated by both choice and player attribute levels. With the sidequest all but complete, players will need to unleash their Patronus to save Hogwarts!

Before the Patronus Special Adventure, players who have advanced to Year 1 Chapter 6 and beyond can partake in the full marks leaderboard event, where they can earn a special Patronus-related prize. There will also be a special limited Patronus bundle available in-game to players who have advanced through Year 1 Chapter 4 and beyond, plus an opportunity to learn the Obscuro Spell via Duelling Club.

“We love to bring true-to-canon content from the wizarding world into Hogwarts Mystery, and the Patronus has been one of those iconic features that our fans have been asking about for a long time,” said Michael Brozman, Sr. Director of Product at Jam City. “Our hope is that the Patronus will spark a lot of excitement for our fans, delivering a thrilling adventure that heightens their experience at Hogwarts.”

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