Last week we reported that Jessie Cave and Oliver Phelps attended an event at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London with Sky Movies HD. Today we have a special report from our UK correspondent, Patrick, who attended the event! He also sent over a bunch of photos that you can view in the gallery! Thank you again, Patrick for attending the event on our behalf! Without further ado, the report:

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To celebrate the launch of all Harry Potter films now being available on SKYmoviesHD and On Demand, Sky invited a group of friends and fans to Leavesden to share in a night of magic in the Great Hall itself.

After a trip on the Knight Bus to Warner Brothers Studios, all those invited shared in a quick drinks reception and had the chance to watch the intro films to the tour, before being ushered through the great doors, with the now legendary phrase; Welcome to Hogwarts. But rather than finding the hall lined with the four house table as in the films, or empty as in one would see in the tour, we found the hall full of comfy-looking sofas and beanbags! On every seat was an iPad, the SkyGO app ready with the film of our choice to be streamed in the more than magical setting.

But before we had a chance to get stuck into our Harry Potter watching, special guests Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown) and the George of Fred and George; Oliver Phelps, arrived for a couple of photos and a few quick words. Jessie remarked that the great Hall was a lot cleaner than the last time she filmed there, and Olivier was impressed by the couches! Everyone then joint the stars on the Slytherin Table for a few photos! Yes, that’s right we actually sat on the seat once sat on by the devilishly cunning Snakes! I am deep down a Gryffindor, but I couldn’t help but feel quite at home on the table of Slytherin, maybe it was the blond hair and velvet green shirt I was sporting on the night!

Once back on our beanbags, it was time to pick a film, and for me and my friend it was going to be ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’, and all I can say was that the feeling was surreal and a little trippy! The great hall features quite heavily in the fourth film; the arrival of Beauxbaton and Durmstrang, entries into the goblet of fire, the champion selection, and to be in the same room was bizarre! As Dumbledore’s hand, doused the flames that lit the Hall, I was able to follow the motion with my own eyes as he moved around the room. But it was also a little funny at the same time, instead of satin clad French girls producing blue sparks, we had smiling waiters, bearing beverages and yummy foods, like hotdogs, fish and chips and burgers! Instead of stick whirling Durmstrangs we had a camera man, whipping his lens around!
All those in attendance were gifted with a set of Harry’s famous specs, a chocolate wand from the gift store and their own copy of the interview ‘Being Harry: Daniel Radcliffe’ which aired on Sky on Friday the 9th of November, which was quite a lovely little interview with Dan, and others chatting about him. With our films watched, and our belly’s full it was time to return to the Knight Bus and make our ways home.

All in all, it was a great night; meeting other fans, posing for photos in the famous surrounds and just enjoying the films we all know and love and have readily available to us now thanks to SKYmoviesHD! So a big thanks to guys at SKY and Freud Communication for inviting us along, and a special thanks to our lovely webmiss Megan, for once again letting me enjoy the best the Potter world still has to offer us!

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