Jessie Cave talked with Digital Spy about her new show, Bookworm, as well as her upcoming film Great Expectations.  Bookworm will be at Underbelly Cowgate at the Edinburgh Fringe from August 4-26. Tickets are available now by clicking here.

What’s Bookworm all about?
“The idea is that it’s the launch of this book club that I’ve made and everyone in the audience are members. It’s the big day, it means everything to me. It’s about introducing the idea of Bookworms United to all these people.”

Do you feel prepared for a month-long onslaught at Edinburgh?
“I do feel prepared, I’ve planned this to the last minute detail since I decided I wanted to go up in September, and it means organizing everything. Everything on Pindippy is stuff I’ve done, and I do absolutely everything. That’s not going to change with Edinburgh.”

You worked with your sister on Great Expectations – was that something you were a bit hmmm… about?
“Bebe got the part because of me. Bebe comes everywhere with me. All of my sketches… she’s in Bookworm, she’s my sidekick. There’s a joke in my play about I bred her especially to be my bookworm and it’s true! I have three brothers and I said to my mom and dad, ‘You’re having another baby!’ I just prayed and prayed to have a sister and I did. She was the best gift ever.”

She has also released a new video in the series with Evanna Lynch where Jessie asks Evanna to join her book club.

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