Half-Blood Poems

Today I am reviewing a book called Half-Blood Poems by Canadian author Christine Lowther. The book is 113 pages long and contains 71 poems inspired by the Harry Potter books and films.  The poems are separated into 7 chapters, one for each of the books. I am by no means an expert in poems but I do know that I enjoyed reading these. There are funny and weird poems, sad and happy ones and even a song thrown in (“Lord Thingy.”)

Some of my personal favorites were (in no particular order) Longbottom Leaf, Un-Hide, Light and Dark, Dear Diary, The Put-Outer, A Boy’s Hands, Feeling Pensive, Eco-Wizardry, ‘Neville, Unlikely Rebel’ and All The Jinxed Defense Teachers.

And here is a snippet from a poem “Vulnera Sanentur,” inspired by Draco Malfoy:

The silken soft sorrow of the white bird
almost more beautiful in death than in life,
as if painted, lovingly,
on the wood of the cabinet
the very shadows of its feathers as sad as beauty,
as beautiful as sadness,
bewildering as a thug weeping
when he finds grief inside himself,
soft and vulnerable as the bird.

So if you know a Potter fan who is also into poetry this would be a great gift idea! *wink wink*

As a side note, for all of you who love being eco-friendly, these books were produced at a printing facility with Chain-of-Custody certification from 3 environmental organizations: the SFI©, PEFC™ and FSC™. This means that the paper comes from responsibly managed forests.

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