Magical-Menagerie was in attendance at tonight’s Children’s BAFTA Awards where Harry Potter took home TWO awards; Best Feature Film and the Kid’s Vote for Best Film.  Our correspondent, Patrick, has written a report and also sent over some photos which you can view in the gallery!

Tonight the stars of British Film and Television aligned at the London Hilton, for the 2011 Children’s BAFTA’s. The guest list was full of names of actors both young and old whose work over the past year was being acknowledged, but there was one particular name that brought me to the gleaming marbled halls of the Hilton, that name ‘Harry Potter’.

Nominated in the best Feature Category, this year marked the last chance for the film series to be selected for a Children’s BAFTA and with both Parts One and Two of the Deathly Hallows being nominated the odds were definitely in Harry’s favour. Flying the flag solo for Team Potter was Warwick Davis; the current star of the sitcom ‘Life’s Too Short’, a joint production between himself and the comedic team of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, but the man whom all know as both Professor Flitwick, and the treacherous Gringotts Goblin Griphook.

Once on the red carpet the flashbulbs were ablaze as Warwick and his wife, Samantha posed for the camera’s and waved for the fans. After a few words with some television newsreaders, Warwick headed over to the Harry Potter section of the press gathering, and Magical Menagerie was his first port of call.

Patrick: Currently in ‘Life’s Too Short’, your character is quite nostalgic, do you think that in couple of years you will nostalgic about the Harry Potter Days?
Warwick: Oh absolutely, I think I already am in a way, because we filmed the first one ten years ago. I am looking back with great affection, and fondness, and pride. Certainly when you have nominations and awards such as this, it’s nice but I already have a sense of pride and fondness because, I say I was one a chosen few but they really were many hundreds of actors in the films, it was still a rather unique sort of project.

Patrick: Also in ‘Life’s Too Short’, you had another run in with Miss Helena Bonham Carter, how was that? Different situation to the last time you met?
Warwick: Absolutely! It was lovely to work with Helena again! We worked extensively on Deathly Hallows Part Two, when she played Hermione-Bellatrix and me as Griphook, so we spent a lot of time getting to know one another, and it was really great to have in for ‘Life’s Too Short’ and she will be playing a very unique version of herself because she is nothing like that in reality, she is really a very charming and pleasant person.

With action of the red carpet wrapped up, it was into the Press Room to watch the show, waiting anxiously to find out whether ‘The Deathly Hallows’ was going to take out the gong for best feature. Very early on it proved to be Harry’s night as the film took out the ‘BAFTA’s Kid Vote Award’ being an award decided on by the voting public, for best film. Then it was time for the winner of the Best Feature, and once again Warwick was called back to the stage to accept the award on behalf of director David Yates and producers David Heyman, David Barron, and Author J.K. Rowling.

Back in the press room, Warwick explained how this awards as well as the countless others the film franchise has received are really all testaments to the fans, and that he couldn’t wait till the whole world would get the chance to head to Leavensden and experience the set “Just as we left them” as a part of the Warners Brother’s Harry Potter Studio Tour.

So with the night all wrapped up, Harry Potter had once again taken home awards that were physical reminders of the fact that the films will leave just as much as a lasting impression on the British and International film industries, as much as the books have on our hearts. And the questions that are now left are, what will it win at the standard BAFTA’s? And could there be an Oscar in Harry Potter’s Future?

Patrick Hudson from Magical-Menagerie .com

A huge thank you to Patrick who attended the award show on the site’s behalf!

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