Voting has begun for Portrait Magazine‘s Top 30 Under 30 poll and the Harry Potter Cst is on the list! Currently they have 2% of the votes and are in 12th place. Let’s get them to number one because the person or group with the most votes will appear on the December cover!  I’m not sure who they are counting as the “Harry Potter Cast” but I assume it would at least be Dan, Emma, Rupert and Tom. I’ve asked for confirmation on who would be included, so if I get that information I’ll update the post. UPDATE:  Okay, the list includes: Daniel, Emma, Rupert, Tom, Matthew Lewis, Evanna Lynch, the Phelps Brothers, and Bonnie Wright.  There could also be others such as Katie Leung and Alfie Enoch but that will be decided at the end of voting.

The entire Top 30 will be featured in the issue. Voting lasts through November 23, and you can vote as often as you like. The FAQs for the voting may be read here.

Thanks to Portrait Magazine for the information!

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