Rogue Runner Films have emailed today with two press releases concerning Tom Felton’s new short film White Other.  The film also stars another Potter alum, Imelda Staunton (Umbridge).  You can watch the trailer for the film, here!

There will be a gala performance of White Other in December of 2010. The director is hopeful a feature film will follow, with shooting to begin in 2012.

In the first press release the director (Dan Hartley, formerly a crew member on the Harry Potter set) talks about filming Harry Potter and casting this new film as a director.  The second talks about the short film a bit more and its website.

In creating the website for White Other, Hartley states: “the inherent problem in generating interest in short films is their length. With this website we set out to create a lot of additional content, to give the audience an opportunity to explore the greater world of White Other.” In order to achieve this Hartley worked with a freelance social media consultant and graphic designers Marmalade-on-Toast to develop a creative website that would encourage audience interactivity. This leads visitors through a series of video clips, sound files and news reports, some of which are real and some fictional. If one can follow the trail of clues they are encouraged to become Facebook friends of Felton’s character Ray Marsden, which conceals a code that will enable them to watch the film for free.

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