Digital Spy has posted new interviews with James and Oliver Phelps and Matthew Lewis.

Neville really steps up to the plate in Part 2 – have you been looking forward to that?
“Definitely. I spoke to Jo Rowling at the premiere of Harry Potter 5 and she said she’d written some great stuff for Neville in the new book and I was like, ‘I don’t want to hear anything – don’t tell me!’ And I read the book and I was like, ‘Bloody hell’. You don’t know what they’re going to keep in the film but you just think it could be incredible. There was so much in there for me. There was still the typical Neville bumbling around but he’s a bit more adrenalised and reckless and trying to be a hero – there’s a lot of action in here as well. There’s also some really heavy emotional stuff. A few moments when he’s on his own and can stop being this heroic leader for a moment and he just looks very tired and people are dying around him. There’s a scene when he’s carrying a dead child and I hope it’s still in the film because that’s when it hits home that it’s pretty horrible stuff they’re dealing with.”

It must have been good to have that transformation from a bumbler to hero…
“That’s why I think he’s such a great character. As an actor every year I’ve had to come back and add a little bit more depth and there’s something different in it. For me that’s great because it’s kept it fresh over the years rather than playing the same guy.”
Was there a moment when you realised how big Harry Potter had become?
Oliver: “Because we’re so close to it we don’t see the size. We always knew it was a big production, but at the first premiere there were a lot of people there and it’s just got bigger and bigger and bigger. When we first went in there was a big press in the Odeon in Leicester Square. The last premiere it took over three cinemas and there were about six or seven thousand people.”
James: “We were outside for three hours meeting people. It was absolutely hammering it down with rain as well and people had stayed out for all that time. I think they said there were about seven or eight thousand people in Leicester Square at the last premiere. That’s like, ‘Wow, this is big’, but I remember we were out on holiday in Mexico and I was in the sea and this middle-aged lady swam out and asked, ‘Are you in Harry Potter?’ I said ‘Yes’ and she said ‘OK’ and just swam away. That was a bit surreal.”


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