SnitchSeeker (via Anais and HallowedGround) now has translations from the Premiere magazine feature on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  The translation includes interviews with with Bonnie Wright, Evanna Lynch, Tom Felton, Bill Nighy (Scrimgeour) and Rade Serbedzija (Gregorovitch).  Read the full translations here!

P: Everybody knows that the Harry Potter clan suffers great loss in this epilogue. What’s it like to witness the deaths of characters that you’ve known for 10 years?
One thing is certain: the atmosphere would change dramatically once we started talking about the death scenes. There was a really strong emotional tension, but opposite the characters, we didn’t have time to feel sorry for our friends. We filmed this scenes just as J.K. Rowling described them: in the frenzy of the action.

P: After ten years of Harry Potter, say goodbye to the saga must have been especially heartbreaking.
When we went back to the last festival at Leavensden after the end of filming, the emotion was at its height. It was the last time the full team was assembled in the Great Hall. We suddenly seemed very empty…a funny feeling.

P: You may find yourself in a few years wandering in the Harry Potter theme park that just opened in Florida.
(Laughs) That’s exactly what I said! If I get too depressed, I will go live over there.

Premiere: How did you get to Harry Potter 7 ?
Rade Serbedzija:
It’s a funny story…I was in LA, packing my bags to go back to England, when my oldest daughter – she was 16 at the time- asked me where I was going. I tell her that I’m going to London to meet up with the director of Harry Potter.
And then, she just freaks out: “You’re gonna be in Harry Potter? Dad, if you ever get the job, you don’t know how much I’ll respect you! “I playes alongside Stanley Kubrick, but I had to be on Harry Potter for my daughter to be proud of me. I’m playing Gregorovitch, a guy that makes miraculous sticks…

P: Instead of evolving as the other characters do, Luna stays true to herself…
I auditioned for this character because I wanted to be Luna and no one else: I feel really close to this character because she doesn’t judge anyone. Underneath her loony and detached looks, Luna has had really hard times too. She’s the one who relates and puts an impartial view on the situation, things that I’m capable of doing myself. It’s thanks to her crazy looks that I managed to really be in her skin. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to keep any accessory. Impossible to steal a sock without getting a freaked out call from a costume designer…

P: How did you play Rufus Scrimgeour?
Like an old soldier, a man of action turned politician. He had lived a life of war and fights that tired him and I wanted to give him a sweeter edge… You also had to be a little enigmatic. The readers of the sage know the character and its destiny, but I didn’t want to play him starting from the end… I kept a part in the shadows …so as not to make him a hero from the beginning.

Premiere: What captivates you the most in this last movie?
The decision to make two films. The first part looks like a road movie – which we also filmed in large part outside, which was very exciting. In the second we sat down in the destruction of Hogwarts, with intense battle scenes but were very fun to run.

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