Besides Quidditch there are Many other Wizarding games that Witches and Wizards love to play, Due to the little amount of info for some games we are unsure of the rules and instructions of the games


Gobstones is similar to the game of marbles played by Muggles, except that in Gobstones the balls spit a foul smelling liquid in the face of the opposing player when they lose a point. Hogwarts students are seen playing Gobstones throughout the books, and there is even a Gobstones Club at the school.

Wizard’s Chess:

Wizard’s Chess is played the same way as normal chess, Except the pieces move by themselves, to the place the player tells them. the Chess game can get very Violent because the pieces break each other when they win It is assumed that they magically Rebuild themselves, because it is mentioned in the books that sets are loaned and inheireted.

Exploding Snap:

Little is known about Exploding Snap, except it is a card game in Chamber of Secrets, Ron has a Deck of Self-Shuffling Playing cards in his Room it is assumed that these are used to play Exploding snap