Ministry of Magic

The ministry of magic is where many wizards and witches work to make sure that everything in the magical world goes smoothly.

Minister of Magic:

The minister of magic is in charge of the entire ministry of magic. They are the ones that look after everything, and are pretty much the head of that area of the wizarding area. The minister of magic from books 1 through 5 is Cornelius Fudge. He is fired, and Rufus Scrimgeour replaced him.


Most wizards and witches who work in the Ministry of Magic apparate there. However, there is a visitor’s entrance. You have to go to a certain phone booth, and press in the numbers 6-2-4-4-2 (m-a-g-i-c) in that order. It then takes you underground to the ministry of magic.


(anything that is in parentheses under offices is some things that they do)

Department of Magical Games and Sports:
Head: Ludo Bagman
Other Workers: Bertha Jorkins until her death
Located: 7th level of the Ministry of Magic
Offices: British and Irish Quidditch League Headquarters, Official Gobstones Club, and Ludicrous Patents Office.

Department of Magical Law Enforcement:
Head: Amelia Bones (until her murder in Book 6)
Other workers: All aurors (some known are Dawlish, Alice and Frank Longbottom until they went insane, Mad-Eye Moody until he retired, Proudfoot, Savage, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Nymphadora Tonks, Rufus Scrimgeour until he was made minister of magic, Williamson), All of the Wizengamot members (some known are Dumbledore until his death, Amelia Bones until her death, Marchbanks, and Odgen). Mafalda Hopkirk who sends the letters to the underage wizards using magic is a member of the department, and Perkins and Arthur Weasley work in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts in this department. Barty Crouch also used to be head of this department while Voldemort was around in the 1st wizarding war.
Located: 2nd level of the Ministry of Magic
Offices: Improper use of Magic Office (sends letters to underage wizards who use magic), Magical Law Enforcement Squad (A special task force used to hand dangerous wizards), Misuse of Muggle Artifacts (Make sure that nobody is tooling with muggle things so that muggles will get hurt or find out about magic. They also raid houses to get rid of dark things). Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects (A new office created by Rufus Scrimgeour to fight against Voldemort- the head is Arthur Weasley), The Wizengamot (the wizarding court).

Department of International Magical Cooperation:
Head: Barty Crouch Sr. (until his death)
Other Workers: Percy Weasley (Crouch’s assistant)
Located: 5th level of the Ministry of Magic
Offices: International Confederation of Wizards, British Seats, International Magical Office of Law, and International Magical Trading Standards Body.

Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes:
Head: Unknown
Other Workers: Arnold Peasegood (an Obliviator)
Located: 3rd level of the Ministry of Magic
Offices: Accidental Magic Reverse Squad, Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee, and Obliviator Headquarters.

Department of Magical Transportation:
Head: Unknown
Other Workers: Basil (was seen at the Quidditch World Cup) who worked with the portkeys, and Madam Edgecombe who worked with the floo powder regulation.
Located: 6th level of the Ministry of Magic
Offices: Apparation Test Center, Floo Regulation Panel, Floo Network Authority, Portkey Office, and Broom Regulatory Control.

Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures:
Head: Unknown
Other Workers: Amos Diggory and Bob (the guy in the elevator at the M.O.M carrying the chickens), and Macnair (executioner).
Located: 4th level of the Ministry of Magic
Offices: Office of Misinformation, Centaur Liaison Office, Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures, Dragon Research and Restraint Bureau, Pest Advisory Board, Werewolf Registry, Office of House-Elf Relocation, Werewolf Capture Unit, Goblin Liaison Office, Werewolf Support Services, and the Spirit Division.

Department of Mysteries:
Head: Unknown
Other Workers: All called unspeakables- Bode (until his death), Croaker, and Rookwood (until he was sent to Azkaban for being a spy for Voldemort).
Located: 9th level of the Ministry of Magic
Offices: No known offices (appears all to be 1 great big thing)

Committees with unknown departments:
Committee On Experimental Charms, and the Wizarding Examination Authority.