An A – Z guide on the creatures of Harry Potter!
The follow classifications are only for the entries from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:

Ministry of Magic Classification:
XXXXX – Known wizard killer / impossible to train or domesticate
XXXX – Dangerous / requires specialist knowledge /
skilled wizard may handle
XXX – Competent wizard should cope
XX – Harmless / may be domesticated
X – Boring

Abdominal Snowman (XXXX)- Another name for the Yeti

Abraxam (XX-XXXX)- These are a breed of large flying horses that pull the Beaxbatons carriage in Book 4. They are large and giant palominos.

Acromantula (XXXXX)- This is a monstrous spider that has 8 eyes and can talk. They are poisonous and can have a leg span up to 15 feet. This animal is a carnivore and usually eats live prey. It is believed to be wizard bred and intended to guard things. It is untrainable and very dangerous. In Harry Potter, Aragog is an acromantula.

Aethonon (XX-XXXX)- A breed of winged horses that are brown and live in Britain.

Albino Bloodhound- The ministry of magic keeps them around to be used against nogtails.

Aquavirious Maggot – This is a creature that Luna and her father beleive they are breeding in the ministry of magic’s department of mysteries.

Ashwinder (XXX)- An ashwinder is created when a magical fire burns for too long. It is a thin, pale snake with glowing red eyes. The ashwinder only lives for an house, in which it lays eggs, and then it turns into dust. The eggs give off immense heat and will burn a building in minutes. If the eggs are found before burned, they are very useful in love potions. They are found around the world.

Augurey (XX)- This creature is also known as the Irish Phoenix. It is a bird that is a greenish black, and is shy, eats large insects and fairies, and flies only in rain. Their cry is said to be a foretelling of death, but it is really just saying weather is coming. Their feathers are also used as quills because they repel ink.

Banshee- A Banshee is something that looks like an old women with long black hair and a greenish face. It’s wail is supposed to foretell death. This was mentioned in Book 2 when Gilderoy Lockhart claimed to have banished the Bandon Banshee. It is also Seamus Finnigan’s greatest fear.

Basilisk (XXXXX)- Also known as the king of serpents, the basilisk is said to have formed in a chicken egg hatched beneath a toad. It is bright green and can reach up to 50 feet in length. It has very poisonous fangs and kills anybody who sees its eyes. This is what the monster in the Chamber of Secrets is.

Bicorn- A creature with two horns. This is a mythological creature that is said to have demonic undertones. It is said to gain wait by eating the flesh of their husband. The horn is used in potion making.

Bigfoot (XXXX)- Another name for the Yeti

Billywig- This is a magical insect that is native to Australia. If is about 1/2 an inch long and is a vivid sapphire blue color. It has wings attached to the top of its head and rotates so fast it flies. It has a long stinger at the bottom. Once stung, people feel giddiness and then levitate. Dried Billywig stings are used in potions, and are believed to be an ingredient in Fizzing Whizbees.

Biting Fairy- Another name for a doxy

Blast-End Skrewt- Magical creatures bred by Hagrid in Goblet of Fire. If is made by crossing manticores and fire-crabs. They grow to be very large and have hard outer amour.

Blood Sucking Bugbear- The animal Hagrid has suspected had killed the roosters in Book 2.

Boarhound- Hagrid’s pet Fang is a boarhound. He is like a very large dog.

Boggart- A boggart is a shape shifter that likes to live in dark, enclosed spaces. When the boggart is let out, it turns into the thing that the person in front of them fears the most. In order to get rid of a boggart, you must think of something funny and say the incantation “Ridiculous”. The boggart is first introduced in Professor Lupin’s class in book 3.

Boomslang- An African snake that that has nasty venom. The skin is used in the polyjuice potions. Snape keeps this in his private cupboard.

Bowtruckle (XX)- A tree guardian that is very small (about 8 inches in height) and made of bark and twigs with 2 small brown eyes. If the tree it lives in is threatened it will leap down and gouge at their eyes with their long, sharp fingers.

Bundimun (XXX)- Creatures that infest houses and cause decay. While at rest, it resembles greenish fungus with eyes. It feeds on dirt. Diluted bundimun secretion is used in certain magical cleaning fluids.

Centaur (XXXX)- The centaur has a human head, torso, and arms joined to a horses’ body. It is not strictly a beast, because it can speak and is very intelligent. They live in herds from ten to fifty members. They are very skilled in magical healing, divination, archery, and astronomy.

Chameleon Ghoul- Ghouls that pretend to be suits of armor

Chimaera (XXXXX)- A rare Greek monster with a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a dragon’s tail. It is very dangerous. Their eggs are Class A Non-Tradeable Goods.

Chizpurfle (XX)- Small parasites up to 1/20 of an inch. They are crablike in appearance and have large fangs. They are attracted by magic, and infest fur and feathers of creatures. They also go into magical homes and attack magical objects.

Clabert (xx)- This is a tree dwelling creature and looks like a cross between a monkey and a frog. If has smooth skin that is molted green, webbed hands and feed, long legs, and a short head with short horns, and a wide mouth. It has a pustule in the middle of its forehead which turns red and flashes when danger is near.

Clauricorn (XXX)- Another name for the Leprechaun

Cockatrice- This animal is a cross between and rooster and a dragon or a snake. This animal went on a rampage in 1792 Triwizard Tournament.

Cornish Pixie- A kind of pixie

Crup (XXX)- A creature that closely resembles a Jack Russell terrier, except it has a forked tail. It is nice to wizards and mean to muggles. Before owning a crup, the wizard must remove it’s tail.

Dementor- One of the most foul creatures in the wizarding world. They suck all the happiness out of a person, and in the end may perform the dementor’s kiss. In this, they suck the soul out of a person. The dementor’s kiss is worst than death, for you can live without your soul.

Demiguise (XXXX)- An animal that can make itself invisible when threatened, and can only be seen by skilled wizards. It is a peaceful creature, that looks like a ape with large, black eyes. It’s whole body is covered in hair. Their hair is useful because it can be spun into invisibility cloaks.

Diricawl (XX)- A bird with a plump body, fluffy feathers, and can’t fly. It is known for its means of escaping danger. It can vanish in one place and appear in another.

Doxy (XXX)- It is also known as a biting fairy, because it has been mistaken for a fairy in earlier times. It has a miniature human form but is covered in thick black hair and extra arms and legs. They have two rows of venomous sharp teeth. If you are bitten, you should take an antidote. These are the creatures the Weasley’s, Harry, and Hermione had to get rid of in the Black house.

Dragon (XXXXX)- The most famous magical creatures. The females are usually larger and fiercer than males. Most of their parts are highly magical properties. Most dragons also eat large prey, such as large animals or some types of dragons on humans.

  • Antiopdean Opaleye- Native to New Zealand (but has migrated to Australia) It is about 2 to 3 tons. It is said to be the most beautiful kind of dragon. It produces scarlet flame, and will only kill if it is hungry. They have pale grey eggs that are occasionally mistaken for fossils by muggles.
  • Chinese Fireball- Sometimes known as the Liondragon, it is scarlet and smoothed scales with golden spikes around its face. It shoots mushroom-shaped flames from its nostrils when it is angry. It weights between 2 and 4 tons. It’s eggs are crimson with gold. This is the dragon Victor Krum had to battle in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament.
  • Common Welsh Green- A dragon that blends in with the grass, and nests in mountains. They avoid eating humans unless they are provoked. It’s fire is let out in thin jests. It’s eggs are brown, with green spots. This is the dragon Fleur Delacour had to battle in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament.
  • Hebridean Black- Originated from Britain. It requires large territories It is almost 30 feet in height, and is rough-scaled with purple eyes. It also has razor sharp ridges along its back. It has bat like wings and a spiky tail.
  • Hungarian Horntail- The most dangerous of all the dragons it has black scales and looks like a lizard. It has yellow eyes, bronze horns, and spikes along its tail. It can breathe fire up to 50 feet. It’s eggs are grey and hard. This was the dragon Harry had to get past in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament.
  • Norwegian Richback- It resembles the Hungarian Horntail, but has jet-black ridges along its back. It is one of the more rare dragon breeds. It eats large land mammals, but unlike other dragons also eats water creatures. Their eggs are black and have great fire-breathing abilities when they are young. This was the same kind of dragon as Norbert, the dragon Hagrid won in Harry’s first year.
  • Peruvian Vipertooth- It is the smallest known dragon, and the fastest flier. It is about 15 feet tall, and is smooth scaled and copper colored with black markings. They have short horns and venomous fangs.
  • Romanian Longhorn- It has dark green scales and golden horns. The horns are very valuable in potions. This is probably the kind of dragon Charlie Weasley works with in Romania.
  • Swedish Short-Snout- This dragon is a silvery blue color who’s skin is used to make protective gloves and shields. It has blue flame and can burn woody to ask in a few seconds. This is the dragon Cedric Diggory had to battle in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament.
  • Ukrainian Ironbelly- This is the largest breed of dragons that can weigh up to 6 toms. It has metallic grey scales, red eyes, and is very vicious.

Dugbog (XXX)- A marsh dwelling creature that resembles a piece of dead wood. It glides through marshlands eating small animals and will hurt ankles of human walkers. It’s favorite food are mandrakes.

Dwarves- These little creatures are only shown in the books when Gilderoy Lockhart uses them to deliver Valentines in Book 2.

Erkling (XXXX)- An elfish creature that is about 3 feet high with a pointed face and a high pitched laugh. They attempt to lure children with their cackle and eat them.

Erumpent (XXXX)- A large African beast weighing up to a ton. It has thick hide, and a large sharp horn. It will not attack unless provoked and when provoked, it will usually kill. Whatever is hit by its horn will explode. Their horns, tails, and exploding fluids are used in potions.

Fairy (XX)- A small and decorative creature. They are not very intelligent, and usually live in woodlands or glades. They are about 1 to 5 inches in height. It has a small humanoid head, body, and limbs but have large insect like wings. It cannot speak, but makes high-pitched buzzing noises to communicate. They have a life cycle like a caterpillar; they start off like a larva, spin cocoons, and then emerge as fully formed fairies.

Fire Crab (XXX)- It looks like a giant tortoise with a jeweled shell. It lives in Fiji for its own protection against muggles. It shoots flames from it’s rear end when it is been attached.

Fire Slugs- Newt Scamander is currently studding them in rain forests in Brazil.

Flesh- Eating Slugs- Hagrid was buying flesh-eating slug repellant in knockturn alley when he bumped into Harry in Book 2. Also, this is somebody’s boggart.

Flobberworm (X)- They live in damp ditches. It is a worm that can reach up to 10 inches. It lets out mucus from both ends and is used to thicken potion. It is also a vegetarian.

Forest Troll- A kind of Troll with pale green skin and some hair which is green or brown and thin.

Fwooper (XXX)- An African bird that can be orange, pink, lime green, or yellow. It is a provider of fancy quills and lays patterned eggs. Their song will drive the listener to insanity, and it sold with silencing charms.

Ghoul (XX)- It is very ugly but not dangerous. Is looks like a slimy buck toothed ogre. It will usually live in the attic or barns of a wizard house. A ghoul is first introduced in Book 2 when the Weasley’s have a ghoul in their attic.

Giant- They are about 20 feet tall (some even up to 25). They mainly live in mountainous areas, and are very vicious. Many times, they will even resort to killing each other. Half giants (such as Madam Maxine and Hagrid) can be about 10 feet tall.

Giant Squid- The giant squid that lives in the Hogwarts lake. It has been mentioned several times in the books; such as when Fred and George mention they tickle it’s tentacles, It also saves Denis Creevy when he falls into the lake. It appears to be friendly to the swimmers of the lake.

Glumbumble (XXX)- A grey, furry bodied flying insect. It is used as an antidote of eating Alihosty leaves. They can infest beehives. They nest in dark places such as hollow trees and caves.

Gnome (XX)- A garden pest about 1 foot in height. It has a large head and bony feet. It can be gotten rid of by swinging it in circles until it is dizzy and then throwing it far away. The Weasley’s garden is infested with gnomes.

Goblins- Magical creatures that are very intelligent and good with money (they are in charge at Gringots bank). They are shorted than wizards, and live alongside wizards in the wizarding world.

Granian (XX-XXXX)- A grey and very fast winged horse.

Graphorn (XXXX)- They are large and a grayish purple with a humped back. They have 2 sharp horns, and walk on large feet with 4 thumbs. They can also get very aggressive. Powdered graphorn horns are used in potions. Their hide also repels most spells.

Griffin (XXXX)- Originated from Greece with the head and front of an eagle, and the body and hind of a lion. Many times they are employed by wizards to guard treasure.

Grim- The grim is a large dog that is supposed to foretell of death.

Grindylow (XX)- A pale green water demon found in lakes in Britain and Ireland. It eats small fish and are mean to wizards and muggles. They are only known to be domesticated by merpeople. They have long fingers and a powerful grip. Fleur Delacour was attacked by them during the second task of the Triwizard Tournament.

Gytrash- A large hound that lives in the forest that was designed by J.K. Rowling for the Harry Potter game.

Hag- Female-like being that are very ugly and odd in appearance, and are known to eat children.

Hairy MacBoon- Another name for the quintaped

Hinkypunk- A creature that appears to be made of smoke. It is mentioned by Hermione to Professor Snape when he fills in for Lupin, and says they will be learning about werewolves.

Hippocampus (XXX)- It has the head and front legs of a horse, and the tail and backend of a giant fish. They are domesticated and used by merpeople.

Hippogriff (XXX)- It has the head of a giant eagle and the body of a horse. Before attempting to touch or ride a hippogriff, eye contact should be made and the bowing. If the hippogriff returns it, then you are free to approach it. They eat insects, birds, and small mammals. A hippogriff is first introduced in the 3rd Harry Potter book as Buckbeak, the creature that hurts Malfoy and is almost beheaded by the Ministry of Magic, before Harry and Hermione go back in time to save him. In book five he is renamed Witherwings.

Horklump (X)- It resembles a pinkish mushroom that has wiry black bristles. It can cover gardens in a few days and sends down tentacles to get it’s food; earthworms. It is often eaten by gnomes. Streeler venom is known to kill it.

House-Elf- Creatures that are servants in wizarding house holds doing the work for the wizarding family they belong to. They can only be set free by their master giving them clothes. The house-elf was first introduced in Book 2 when Dobby the House Elf came to visit Harry. There are 3 main house elves we have met in the book so far; Dobby, Winky, and the dreadful Kreacher. There are also over a hundred of house elves working in the Hogwarts kitchens.

Imp (XX)- If is sometimes confused with a pixie. It is about 6 to 8 inches but cannot fly as a pixie can. It is usually dark brown or black. It likes to live in damp terrain and marshes. They eat small insects.

Inferius (Inferi)- Inferi are human corpses that are being controlled by Lord Voldemort who turned the corpses into Inferi. Inferi are first introduced in Book 6. Harry and Dumbledore see a large number of them while trying to get the horcrux. They are afraid of fire.

Irish Phoenix- Another name for the augury

Jarvey (XXX)- If looks like an overgrown ferret, except it can talk. It cannot speak fully, but it can say phrases. They mostly live below grown, and eat gnomes, moles, rats, and voles.

Jobberknoll (XX)- A tiny blue speckled bird which eats small insects. It only makes sound at the moment of its death which is a very loud scream. Their feathers are used in Truth serums and memory potions.

Kappa (XXXX)- A Japanese water demon that lives in shallow ponds or river. It looks like a monkey wish fish scales. It also has a hollow top of the head which it carries water in. It feeds on human blood. If will not eat the person if it is thrown a cucumber with the person’s name on it. If they get the kappa to bow, all of the water will come out of its head and make it weak. Snape said the Kappa is found in Mongolia, but in the book it says it is Japanese.
Kelpie (XXXX)- It can take many shapes but usually appears as a horse. It will lure people onto its back and take them to the bottom of the lake, killing them down there. In order to overcome a kelpie, you must bridle over its head with a placement charm. The most famous kelpie is the Lock Ness Monster which takes the form of a sea serpent.

King of Serpents (XXXXX)- Another name for the Basilisk

Knarl (XXX)- Often mistaken as a hedgehog by muggles. The difference is if food is left outside, the hedgehog will eat it but the knarl will think the home owner is trying to lure it into the house and then destroy their garden.

Kneazle (XXX)- A small catlike creature with spotted fur, outsize ears and a tail like a lion. It is much more intelligent than an average cat. It has a great ability to detect bad people. They can interbreed with cats and can have up to 8 kittens at a time. Crookshanks is part kneazle.

Lacewing fly- Insects in potions.

Leeches- A slug-like creature that is used in potions.

Leprechaun (XXX)- Also called a Clauricorn. It is a fairly intelligent creature and only found in Ireland. If can grow up to six inches and is green. They can speak and bear live young in forests They create things that resemble gold coins but disappear within a few hours. Leprechauns are first seen in the Harry Potter books in Book 4 at the quidditch world cup as the mascots for Ireland quidditch team.

Lethifold (XXXXX)- Also known as the living shroud, they are rare creatures only found in tropical climates. It looks like a large black cloak that glides along the floor at night, trying to find prey. They find sleeping humans and then suffocate them. They then eat them whole in their bed leaving no traces behind. One of the only ways to get rid of it is a patronus.

Liondragon- Another name for the Chinese Fireball dragon

Living Shroud (XXXXX)- Another name for the Lethifold

Lobalug (XXX)- Found at the bottom of the north sea, it is a creature 10 inches long with a rubbery spout and a venom spout. When it is threatened, it poisons the thin threatening them. Merpeople use it as protection and wizards use it in potions.

Loch Ness Monster- The largest and most famous kelpie.

Mackled Malaclaw (XXX)- A land creature found on the rocky coastline that cannot be eaten because its flesh will cause high fever and a greenish rash. It can be up to 12 inches and is light green with green dots. If somebody is bitten by it, it will make them lucky for up to a week.

Manticore (XXXXX)- A dangerous creature with a head of a man, the body of a lion, and the tail of a scorpion. If is very rare and dangerous. It has thick skin that repels almost all spells and its sting causes death.

Merpeople (XXXX)- Also called Sirens, Selkies, Merrows. They live all over the world, but look different just like humans. They have speak the language Mermish and do not like to be called beings, and prefer beast. They live in water and love music.

Merrow (XXXX)- What merpeople in Ireland are called

Moke (XXX)- A silver-green lizard up to 10 inches long. It is able to shrink so it will not be noticed by muggles. It has highly valuable skin that is used for moneybags and purses. They contract when a stranger approaches, making it difficult for thieves to see.

Mooncalf (XX)- A shy creature that only emerges on the full moon. It has a smooth body and is pale grey. If has eyes on the top of its head and 4 legs with large flat feet. They dance before mating and is often profitable because silver dung is collected prior to sun rise and spread on magical plants (causing them to grow fast and strong),

Mountain Troll- A kind of troll which is the most vicious and largest. It has pale grey skin.

Mummy- Preservation of a person or other kind of creature in which the organs have been removed and the body embalmed. A mummy is Pavarti Patil’s boggart, meaning it is her worst fear.

Murtlap (XXX)- A rat like creature with a growth on its back. When the grown is eaten or poked at, the growths resists curses and jinxes. Murtlaps eat crustaceans and the feet of people who step on them.

Nargles- A character that infests mistletoes according to Luna Lovegood.

Niffler (XXX)- A British creature that is fluffy, black, and has a long snout. They are known to find treasure and other things underground, as well as above. It is gentle, but can destroy things very easily in a house. They live in lairs up to 20 feet under ground and have 6 to 8 young in a litter. These are the animals Lee Jordan levitated into Professor Umbridge’s office that destroyed them (Fred and George gave them to him before they left in Book 5). Hagrid also taught the class about Niffler’s and had them find Leprechaun gold in the ground in Book 4.

Nogtail (XXX)- Demons found in rural areas of Europe, Russia, and America. They look like piglets with long legs, a stubby tail, and narrow black eyes. They curse farms by sneaking into them and kills ordinary pigs. They longer it is not found, the larger it grows. They are very fast and difficult to see. One way to get rid of them is to chase them off the farm by a pure white dog and it will never return.

Nundu (XXXXX)- The most dangerous creature in the world. It is a very large leopard that moves quietly and whose breath causes diseases and has killed entire villages at once. The least number of people that have taken control of it were 100 wizards working together.

Occamy (XXXX)- It is found in the far east and India and has two legs and wings with a snake’s body. It can reach up to 15 feet and lives on rats and birds. They are aggressive to approaching people, and are extremely cautious about their eggs, which are made of the best silk.

Owl- These are very good pets that can carry messages all around the world. Owls are in all of the Harry Potter books; having Harry’s owl Hedwig; Ron’s owl Pigwidgeon; Percy’s owl Hermes; and the Weasley’s owl Errol.

Phoenix (XXXX)- This is a beautiful swan sized red bird with a long golden tail, beak, and talons. They live in the mountains of India, Egypt, and China. They live to a long age, and then catch fire and die. They are then reborn from their ashes. They are gentle and never known to kill. They can also appear and disappear at their own will. Their song is magical and their tears have healing powers. The only phoenix every introduced in the Harry Potter series was Dumbledore’s phoenix; Fawkes. He has saved Harry’s life many times. Harry and Voldemort’s wand cores also come from a single feather of Fawkes.

Pixie (XXX)- They are mostly found in Cornwall, England. They are a shocking blue color and are up to 8 inches in height and very mischievous. They have no wings but can fly. They are well known for taking humans by their ears and hanging them on tall things. The pixie was introduced in the second Harry Potter book when Lockhart brought them into the class, let them out, and they ruined the entire room, and even hung Neville by his ears.

Plimpy (XXX)- A circular fish with two long legs and webbed feet. They live in deep lakes and like to eat snails. The are not usually dangers, but will nibble at the feet and clothes of swimmers. They are disliked by merpeople, who tie their legs in a knot and let them drift away unable to untie themselves.

Pogrebin (XXX)- A Russian demon which is about a foot tall with a hairy body and smooth gray head. When crouching, it looks like a shiny rock. They like following humans and making them hopeless, at which point they will go to their knees and the pogrebin will devour them. You can get rid of them with Stupefying Charms or by kicking them.

Porlock (XX)- W horse-guardian found in Dorset, England and southern Ireland. It has shaggy fur, and lots of hair on its head with a large nose, and two large clown feet. They also have small arms with 4 fingers on each. Fully grown, they are about 2 feet tall and eat grass. They are shy and like to guard horses and do not like humans.

Puffskein (XX)- Circular creatures with soft, yellow fur. They also do not care if you cuddle or throw them. They are very easy to take care of but occasionally take out their long tongue and search the house for food. They also like taking their tongues and eating the boogers (bogies) of sleeping wizards. (Fred and George breed mini Puffskeins that they call Pygmy Puffs to sell in their shop.)

Quintaped (XXXXX)- A dangerous meat eating creature that likes humans. It has a low body covered in brownish-reddish hair and has 5 legs. It is found on the Isle of Drear off the northern coast of Scotland. There is a legend that there were 2 wizarding families on the island; and the family McCliverts changed the other family the MacBoons into the quintaped.

Ramora (XX)- A silver fish found in the Indian Ocean. It can anchor ships and is a guardian of sailors. It is highly valued and is protected by laws against poachers.

Red Cap (XXX)- Dwarflike creatures that live in holes or wherever human blood has been spilled. They are easily repelled by charms and hexes, but they are also very dangerous to muggle, who they will try and kill. It is mentioned by Hermione to Professor Snape when he fills in for Lupin, and says they will be learning about werewolves.

Re’em (XXXX)- Giant oxen with golden hides, found in both North America and the far east. Their blood gives strength to the drinker and is of value on the market.

River Troll- A kind of troll with short horns and is hairy with purplish skin that live under bridges.

Runespoor (XXXX)- A 3 headed serpent that can reach up to 6 or 7 feet. They are orange with black spots. They have been learned about from parselmouths The left head is the planner; which decides where to go and what to do next. The middle head is the dreamer. The right head is the critic and will evaluate the efforts of the other 3 heads. The fangs of the right head are very venomous. They do not live to old age because they heads will usually attack each other. It is also common to see the right head missing. because the other 2 heads bit it off. They give off eggs out of their mouth, which are of great value in potion making.

Salamander (XXX)- A small lizard living in fire that feeds on flame. It is white, but can look blue or purple, depending on the head of the fire. They can live up to 6 hours outside a fire if they are regularly fed pepper.

Sea Serpent (XXX)- Found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Mediterranean seas. They are scary in appearance, but have never been known to attach humans. They can grow up to 100 feet with a horse like head and a long snake body that rises in humps out of the water.

Selkies (XXXX)- The merpeople of Scotland and are said to be less beautiful than the other merpeople.

Shrake (XXX)- A fish covered in spins and found in the Atlantic Ocean. If is believed to have been invented by wizards to use against fishing muggles.

Sirens (XXXX)- The names of the merpeople in Greece

Snidget (XXXX)- An extremely rare and protected bird that is round with a long golden beak; along with red eyes. It is a fast flier that can change direction’s easily. It’s feathers and eyes are valuable. They were once used as the catching item (now played by the Golden Snitch) in a quidditch game. They only have a XXXX rating because it has severe penalties to people who catch it.)

Sphinx (XXXX)- Has a human head on a lion’s body. It is used by witches and wizards to guard valuables and secret hideouts. They are very smart and enjoy puzzles and riddles. They are only dangerous when the place they are guarding is threatened.

Streeler (XXX)- A giant snail that changes color on an hourly basis and leaves behind a trail that shrivels and burns all vegetation that pass over it. It’s venom is known to kill Horklumps.

Tadfoal- What the young Hippocampus can be called

Tebo (XXXX)- An ash colored warthog found in Congo and Zaire. It can turn invisible making it hard to see and catch. It is useful for making shields and clothing.

Thestral- Creatures that can only be seen by people who have seen death (seen another person die). It eats meat and is a black winged horse. It supposedly brings bad luck, but it doesn’t. Hogwarts has one of the only domesticated tribes. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, and Ginny ride these to the Ministry of Magic in Book 5.

Troll (XXXX)- A creature up to 12 feet tall and weighs about a ton. They are very stupid, strong, and violent. They talk in grunts and have several kinds. Mountain trolls, forest trolls, and river trolls. Mountain trolls are the largest and most harmful with bald, pale grey skin. The forest troll has pale green skin with some hair (either green or brown and very thing). The river troll has short horns and is hairy with purple skin and live under bridges. They eat uncooked flesh from animals to humans. A troll was first introduced in Book 1 when a troll was let loose inside the castle, and Harry and Ron stopped it from attacking Hermione.

Unicorn (XXXX)- A beautiful creature found in northern Europe. It is white with horns when fully grown, and gold when young (a silver color when growing up). They also have magical properties in their horn, blood, and hair. They do not typically like wizards, because they prefer the women’s touch of a witch. They are also very fast creatures. A unicorn was one brought in by Hagrid for a Care of Magical Creatures lesson in Book 4.

Vampire- They are creatures (more like humans) that can turn into bats and fly, drinking the blood of humans. They are mentioned several times in Harry Potter, such as when Hagrid said he has a disagreement with one on his journey home in Book 5.

Veela- A veela is a creature that appears like a beautiful woman when happy. They are very pretty and attract many males. However, when they are mad they are not attractive and their faces become like a scaly bird with wings. They are the mascot for the Bulgarian quidditch team in Book 4. Also, Fleur Delacour is 1/4 veela (her grandmother being one) and has the wand core of a Veela hair, one of her grandmother’s,

Werewolf (XXXXX)- Once a month on a full moon, a wizard or muggle will turn into this creature and not remember who he or she is, and becomes a very vicious and murderous creature. A human can only turn into a werewolf if they were bitten by one. There is no cure for a werewolf, but there is a potion (Wolfsbane Potion) that a werewolf can take that makes them curl up somewhere on the full moon. A werewolf in it’s werewolf state would prefer human flesh to animals. There are many wizards in Harry Potter that are werewolves. For example, the most famous werewolf in the Harry Potter series is Remus Lupin (who was a friend of Harry’s dad and Harry’s DADA teacher in Book 3). Bill Weasley was also attached and bitten by a werewolf, though while in his human state. This means that Bill may not be a full werewolf, but have some werewolf qualities. The werewolf who bit Bill was Fenrir Greyback, who is a death eater and who also bit Lupin when he was young.

Wood Nymph- A creature that Fleur Delacour says they have at Beaxbatons that sing to the students as they eat.

Yeti (XXXX)- Originally from Tibet, it is believed to be related to the troll and is up to 15 feet tall, covered in white hair. It eats anything that strays in it’s path but does not like fires.