San Diego Comic-Con Report:

Thursday July 26,2007
By Pamela

It was a miracle to obtain tickets for the most important event of the year in San Diego. But thanks to my father, who works in the San Diego Convention Center, I obtained tickets to me for July 26th. That was the reason I could go to the event, in fact I was very lucky!

When I finally arrived to the parking lot of the Convention Center I saw many boys dressed as Harry . I couldn’t believe I was there.

That day was crazy, since I arrive at the Convention Center’s Parking I saw many boys dressed as Harry Potter, and many girls with radish earings, like Luna’s earings. To be honest I was the only girl with a necklace like Luna, made by me, it’s exactly like we saw in the movie.

As soon as I entered the building, I could see a lot of Harry Potter things. You could find any type of object Harry Potter films. From autographed photos, with certificates of authenticity, to collectable cards of the previous films. The truth, to go to this class of events you must take a lot money, if in fact you want to make your collectiongreater.

Comic-Con it’s an event in which you can have fun, even if you are not very fanatical of comics, by the fact that every year they bring different things from the films of the moment.

In fact, one of the most important reasons by that I wanted to go to Comic-Con was because they said that some of clothes used in the Order of Phoenix would be in the event , but unfortunately and for greater reasons,the clothes could not arrive in time for the convention. That ruined my day!!

Then I found an exhibition of very interesting things of Harry Potter like: Pillows, lunch boxs, a reproduction of the clock of Mrs. Weasley, some action figures from the Order of Phoenix, cups with the shields of Gryffindor and Slytherin, some key rings, that by the way are on sale in the store HotTopic, and many things more. You can see them in the site gallery.

And most important and more expensive, by the way, they were the articles of NECA TOYS, it were mini-busts of several of the personages like: Harry, Luna, Draco, Cho, the dead eaters, Tonks, bellatrix and voledemort. If you wanted to obtain some of them, you have pay the reasonable amount of $50.

The last place where I found Harry things Potter was in the publishing house of Scholastic, they did not exhibit anything but they sold the most recent book of J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In the purchase of the unit, the publishing house gave to you 4 coloring Books of Sorcerer’s Stone that no longer are on sale, an opportunity that could not let pass. So I bought the book and I could choose between 7 coloring books.

Without mattering that as much money I took, I left that convention with many things for my collection of Harry Potter, reason why somehow I have to say you that if you live near San Diego you cannot let go to Comic-Con, that it is made every year.

The Comic-Con is an incredible place where you have fun and you can find anything of Harry Potter . I hope that you enjoy reading this report as much as I had writing it.

Thank’s Megan for impelling to me to write this even though I don’t speak English very well.