Wizard Rock– warning: this page contains information on some hardcore music and bands, with awesome tunes and radical lyrics that feed any potter fandom, which may result in addiction to the amazing music and bands.
Page by The Awesome Steph!

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So, what is wizard rock, you may ask?
Wizard Rock, or”wizrock” (for short), is a genre of music that has continued to quickly spread across the world to harry potter fans everywhere, and has even reached out and pulled in some listeners that are not potter fans. Everything from wizard-rock bands are influenced by the harry potter fandom, meaning, the lyrics, band name, and sometimes even costumes they may wear.

Why wizard rock is so amazing?
Well, for one, it’s wizard rock. A music that lets us as harry potter fans listen to and enjoy lyrics and tunes that have to do with the book we all know and love. Also wizard rock bands are always much fun to go see. They often play at schools, book stores and libraries to help promote what this one amazing series, harry potter, has given us. As well, of course, it’s good music! Most of the bands always have catchy beats that you can’t help but jump up and down to and sing along with, it really is a brilliant genre.

The History of Wizard Rock
As many wizards around the world would assume that Wizard Rock just magically appeared, it did not, and it does have a history: Most believe that the first wizrock band was Harry and the Potters, who date back to around 2002, though there we’re a few other wizrock bands before that, Harry and the Potters were the first wizrock band to make a large impact in the music industry. Wizard-rock could probably date back to as far as when Harry Potter first came out in 1997, though most say it started in 2002 when Harry and the Potters started, but as wizrock started to emerge in 2004, it was around 2005 when wizrock really took its big leap into the music world, when a bunch of wizrock bands such as The Whomping Willows, Draco and the Malfoys, and Harry and the Potters decided to get together and have a wizard-rock concert. After that they created profiles on Myspace.com, and many other wizard-rock bands started to as well (though there we’re wizrock bands that had created some prior to that point). Ever since then wizard-rock bands have been getting bigger and more popular every year, going on more tours and having more concerts, being interviewed by news channels, internet sites, etc, and have even started being mentioned, and appearing, on MTV.

An A-Z list of Wizard-Rock Bands! (list is very long)

*if you have a wizard-rock band that is not on this list and you would like it to be, please email us about it


A Better Butter Beer
A Petty Pensieve
Aberforth Dumbledore and the Nannies
Accidental Horcrux
Accio Brain
Accio Wizard Rock
The Acid Pops
A Couple of Harry’s
Advanced Potion-Making
Alas Earwax!
The Albeus Humbledores
A Lightning Bolt Scar
The Amazing Merlin
Angelina and the Chasers
Animagus Princess
Arnold and the Pygmy Puffs
As I Lay Dobby
The Auror Dawlish
The Avada Kedavras
Azkaban Breakout


The Bandon Banshees
The Band of Requirement
The Band Who Lived
Basilisk and the Kreachers
The Basilisk in Your Pasta
The Bat Bogey Hexes
Bella and le Strangers
Bella and the Death Eaters
Bella’s Love
The Bellatrix Blacks
Bertie Botts Every Flavor Band
The Bewitched Witches
The Bezoar Project
Big Whompy
The Black Sisters
Blast Ended Screwts
Blibbering Humdingers
The Bloodpops
The Bludger Kids
Blue and Bronze
Blue and Yellow Wand
The Broom Closet Diaries
The Brothers Black
The Butterbeer Experience


The Cauldrons
Cedrella Black
The Cedric Diggorys
Celestina Moldubec Wardbeck
Celestina Warbeck
Chaos of the Phoenix
Chasing Quaffles
Chimaera Scamander: A Huffle Diary
The Chinese Chomping Cabbages
The Cheering Charms
The Chocolate Frogs
Chocolate in the Library
The Cornish Pixies
Crabbe & Goyle
Creevey Crisis
The Cruciatus Curse
The Curse Breakers


The Daily Prophet
Danny Dementor
Dawlish and the Archies
The Dead Ravenclaw
Death Eaters Anon
The Decoy Detonators
Dementor’s Kiss
The Dementors
Department of Mystery
The Department of Rock
Destination Hogwarts
Diagon Alley
The Diagon Kid
Diggin the Diggory
Dj AcCiO
DJ Ashtasy
DJ Dumbledore
DJ.K. Rowling
DJ Luna Lovegood
Doomspell Tournament
Dobby and the House Elves
Dobby and the House Elves
Dobby Kills Hedwig
Double Potions
The Doxies
Dr Monday and the LLD Crew
Draco and the Malfoys
Dreary Inferi
The Dudley Dursleys
Dumbledore’s Army
Dumbledores Army
Dumbledore’s Army: The Band
Dumbledore’s Bathroom
Dumbledore’s Soldier
Dungbombs Rock!


Edgar and the Family Bones
elder wand
Elphias Doge
Emeric Switch
The Escapators
Ethlyn Gubrath, “The Cunning Witch”
expecto patrAWESOME!


The Fantasmagorical Hogwarts Funk Machine
The Fat Lady’s Portrait
Felix Felicis
The Firebolts
Firenze and the Centaurs of the Forbidden Forest
Firewhiskey and Pie
The Fizzing Whizbees
The Fleur Delacours
The Flitterblooms
Fred and George
Fred Lives


The Giant Squids
The Giant Squidstravaganza
Gilderoy and the Lockharts
The Gillyweeds
Ginny Weasley and the Fruitcakes
Ginny and the HeartBreakers
Ginny and the Weasleys
Godric’s Hollow
The Golden Glitch
The Gollum Hater’s Club
Gossip at Gryffindor Tower!
Gred and Forge
Gred and Forge
Green Hats and Red Ties
The Greybacks
The Grey Ladies
The Griffins
Grim Defeat
The Grindylows
The Gringotts Grrls
Gryff and the Dors
The Gryffindor Brigade
Gryffindor Common Room Rejects
Gryffindor’s Finest
The Gryffindorks
The Gryffinpuffs!


Hagrid and the Blast Ended Skrewts
Hailie J. Black
The Halfblood Princess
The Half Bloods
Half-Moon Spectacle
Hallows and Horcruxes
Hallows or Horcruxes?
Harry Potter and the Magic of Music
Harry and the Potters
Harry Gets the Horcrux
Harry Potter and the Magic of Music
Harry Potter Love Song
The Harry Potter Mary Sues
The Harry Potter Picture Show
The Hedwig Collective
Hedwig and the Headbangers
Hermione and the Grangers
Hermione and the Know-It-Alls
Hermione and the Mudbloods
The Hermione Crookshanks Experience
Hermione Granger’s Band
The Hermione Wand Question
The Hinky Punks
H.I.S.S./Pureblood Princess
His Silver Hand
Hogwarts, A History
Hogwarts Express
The Hogwarts Heartbreakers
Hogwarts Trainwreck
Hogwarts United
Hollow Godric
Holy Avis!
Honeydukes Finest
The Horcri
The Horcruxes
Horcrux For Cutie
The House of Black
How Airplanes Fly
H P.I.M.P.
Huffle My Puffle
Hufflepuff Rapper Chick, yeah
The Hufflepunks
Huge Gnomes
The Hungarian Horntails


Imperio on the Rocks
Imperius! at the Broomsticks
Into the Pensieve
The Invisible Gryffindor Girls


Johnny B. Lovegood
Justin Finch-Fletchley & The Sugar Quills


Katie and the Bells
Kingsley and the Shacklebolts
Knights of Walpurgis
Knockturn Alley
The Knockturn Alley Project
Krum Viddy
The Kwikspellers


Ladies of Azkaban Swimsuit Calendar
The Lavender Brown Experience
The Leaky Cauldrons
Lemon Drops and Blood Pops
The Le Stranges
Lily’s Eyes
Lily Potter
Lily’s Soundgarden
Lion’s Mane
The Liquorice Wands
Lonesome Norberta
The Looney Lunas
Loony and the Lovegoods
Loony’s Tunes
Lord of the Strings
Lord Voldi and the Dark Marks
Lovegood A Cappella
Luna Lovegood and the Crumple Horned Snorkacks
Luna’s Ceiling
Luna Loves Good
Luna the Lovegood
The Lupine Encounter


Magic! at the Dormitory
Malfoy Manor
The Marauders
Marietta and the Sneaks
Marked as His Equal
Mary and the Grandpres
MC Lady Lumos
MC Kreacher
>Melissa and the Anellis
Merlin’s Pants
Mermaids Above Water
The Metamorphmagus
Midnight Under Moonlight
The Mighty Patronus
Mimbulus Mimbletonia
The Minerva McGonagall
The Ministry of Magic
Mirror of Erised
Miss Metamorphmagus
The Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office
The Moaning Myrtles
Moldyshorts and the Dung Eaters
The Moonlight Wolfs
Moon Over Hermione
Moony and the Marauders
The Morphing Werewolves
The Mrs. Weasley Overture
The Mudblood Brothers
The MudBloods
Mudbloods and Murmurs
Muggle Drunk
The Muggles
Muggle Studies


The Nameless Wizard Rock Band
Nagini, The Shakin’ Snake
Narcissa Black
Neville and the Longbottoms
The Neville Longbottoms
Nevilles and the Trevor
Neville’s Diary
A New Epilogue
The Nifflers
Nimbus 9Million
Number 12 Grimmauld Place


Oh My Snitch!
Oh Snape!
Oliver Boyd & the Remembralls
The Order of Merlin
Our New Celebrity
The Owleries
The Owl Post


The Padfoot Crew
Padfoot and Prongs
Panic! at the Ministry
Pansy and the Gossip Queens
The Parselmouths
Peeves and the Poltergeists
The Pensive Pensieves
Percival Ignatius
Peverell Sisters
Phoenix and the Flames
The Plug Collector
Polly and the Juice Potions
The Potter Addiction
Potter and the Lightning Bolts
Potter Ink
Potter Noyz
The Potter Rockers
The Prefect People
The Princess of Hogwarts
Priori Incantatem
The Prisoners of Azkaban
Privet Drive
Professor Trelawney And Her Crystal Balls
Prophets of Godric’s Hollow
Proverb of Puremuggles
The Puffskein Experience
The Purebloods
Pygmy Puff Explosion
The Pygmy Puffs


The Quaffle Kids
The Quibblers
The Quidditch Pitch Incident


RAB’s Locket
Raddish Earrings
Rave In The Claw
The Raucous Ravenclaws
Remus and the Lupins
The Remus Lupins
The Restricted Section
Rettop Yrrah Mai
Rita and the Skeet Skeeters
Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons
Ronald B. Weasley and his Band of Wizards
Ron and the Weasleys
Roonil Wazlib
Rosmerta’s Rockers
The Rowenas
Rowena’s Wrockers
Rubeus and the Hagrids


Sally Slytherin
Scarlet Women
The Schizophrenic Fangirls
The Screaming Inferi
Scourgify Snivelly
Seamus Finnigan’s Wake
The Secret Broom Cupboard of Salazar Slytherin
The Secret Keepers
The Secret Owls
Sectumsempra Effect
The Sectumsempras
Severely Snaped
Severus and the Death Eaters
Severus and the Snapes
Side Along Apparition
Sigilum Serpentis
Sir Nick
The Sirius Black Attack
The Sirius Blacks
Siriusly Black
Siriusly Grim
Siriusly Hazza P
Shades of Lily
Shrieking Shack Disco Gang
The Slug Club
The Slythendors
The Slytherin House Pimp
Slytherins of Mass Destruction
The Smashing Prophecies
Snape Plays Guitar
The Sneakoscopes
Snivellus and the Snapes
Solitary Snape
Something Potterfied
Spinner’s End
Spinners End
Split Seven Ways
Sue and the Hufflepuffs
The Stalkers
Striking Down Diggory
The Sugar Quills
Supersonic Horcrux Deluxe
Swedish Shortsnouts
Swish and Flick
Sybill and the Centaur


Talons and Tea Leaves
Team Divination
Tentacle Brains
Thomas & Finnigan
The Ticklish Pears
The Time Turners
Tom Riddle and Friends
Tonks and the Aurors
The Tonks Project
The Trace
The Triwizard Champions
Treacle Tart
Trouble With Time Turners
The Twitches
Two Step Potter


Umbridge and the Technicolor Kittens
The Unexpected Patronums
The Unforgivable Curses
The Unspeakables


The Vanishing Cabinet
The Victorian Wizarding Romance Society
Voldemort and the Death Eaters
Voldemort, Wizard Metal


The Wands
The Weasel King
The Weasleys
Weasley’s Wheezing Extravaganza
The Weird Brothers
The Weird Sisters (Switchblade Kittens)
Wingardium Leviosa
Witches in Training
Witch Without a Cause
The Wizard Angst
Wizard Diary Library
The Wizarding World
The What Are Nargles
The Whomping Willows


The Zabini Machine