Ron Weasley

  Full Name: Ronald Bilius Weasley
  Birthday: March 1, 1980
  Wife: Hermione Granger
  Children: Hugo, Rose
  Parents: Molly(Prewett) and Arthur Weasley
  Siblings:in order of age: Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred/George, Ginny
  Other Relatives: Bilius, Muriel, Gideon and Fabian Prewett
  Pets: Scabbers(1,2,3), Pigwideon the Owl(3rd year+)
  Appearance: Blue Eyes, Flaming Red hair, tall, thin, frekled, big nose
   Occupation: Auror, and helping George at WWW

At Hogwarts:

     Wand: Willow with 1 unicorn tail-hair
     House: Gryffindor
     Quidditch Position: Keeper(5th year+)
     Broomstick: Cleansweep 11(5th year+)
     Patronus: Jack Russell terrier
     Boggart: Spider
     Other Items: Wizard Chess Set
     Honors: Special Services to School, Prefect(fifth, sixth)
		Defence Against the Dark Arts A or E
         Care of Magical Creatures A or E
         Charms A or E
         Herbology A or E
         Potions A or E
         Transfiguration A or E
         Astronomy A or E
         Divination P, D or T
         History of Magic P, D or T