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Georgina Leonidas Stars in Awful Auntie, Coming to London
Posted by Megs

Georgina Leonidas, Katie Bell in the Harry Potter series, will be starring in the Birmingham Stage Company’s production of Awful Auntie as Stella. Written and directed by Neal Foster, the play will run from 12 Dec – 5 Jan at the Bloomsbury Theatre.

When Stella sets off to visit London with her parents, Lord and Lady Saxby, she has no idea her life is in danger! Waking up three months later, only her Aunt Alberta can tell Stella what has happened. But not everything Alberta tells her turns out to be true and Stella quickly discovers she’s in for the fight of her life against her very own awful Auntie!

Awful Auntie was published by HarperCollins Children’s Books in September 2014 and has sold over 1.2 million copies. It has helped to make Walliams the country’s best-selling children’s author

Tickets are £31.50 for Premium and £24.50 for Standard. You can also buy 4 standard tickets for £90. You can book your tickets here!

Dates and times of shows are as follows:

Wednesday 12 – 7pm
Thursday 13 and Friday 14 – 10.30am & 1.30pm
Saturday 15 – 2.30pm & 6.30pm
Sunday 16 – 11am & 2.30pm
Tuesday 18 – Thursday 20 – 10.30am & 1.30pm
Friday 21 and Saturday 22 – 10.30am & 7pm
Sunday 23 and Monday 24 – 11am & 2.30pm
Wednesday 26 – Saturday 29 – 2.30pm & 6.30pm
Sunday 30 – 11am & 2.30pm
Monday 31 – 2.30pm

Wednesday 2 – Friday 4 –  2.30pm & 7pm
Saturday 5 –  2.30pm & 6.30pm
Sunday 6 – 11am & 2.30pm

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Potter Stars Cast in Titanic Series
Posted by Megs

ABC and ITV has announced the cast of their new television show TITANIC which, obviously, is about the famous sinking ship of the same name. A couple Harry Potter stars have been announced as having parts in the series. Geraldine Somerville, who plays older Lily Potter, will be one of the main stars, though it is not known who yet. Toby Jones, who does the voice of Dobby, will also have a role. Finally, it is rumored that Maggie Smith will also have a role in the series.

Titanic begins filming on Monday, May 9 in Budapest, Hungary, and this four-part miniseries will premiere in simulcast on Global and ABC in spring 2012. According to an article:

April 2012 sees the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the HMS Titanic. To mark this significant centenary, BAFTA winning producer Nigel Stafford Clark (Bleak House, Warriors, The Way We Live Now) has created Titanic, written by Julian Fellowes, the Oscar winning screenwriter of the hit costume drama Downton Abbey as well as Gosford Park and The Young Victoria. Jon Jones (Going Postal, The Diary of Anne Frank, Northanger Abbey) will direct; Nigel Stafford-Clark and Chris Thompson (Love Actually, No 1 Ladies Detective Agency) serve as the producers for this miniseries.

Titanic is the extraordinary re-telling of that doomed voyage, cleverly weaving action, mystery and romantic plots featuring fictional and historical characters, before coming together in an explosive and unforgettable finale. Titanic will focus on different characters ranging from steerage passengers to upper class guests. Each point of view will culminate in a cliff-hanger as the ship begins to flounder, building to an explosive conclusion which draws together each of the stories. Viewers will be taken on a heart wrenching journey through Titanic’s last hours, as the drama reveals which of the characters they have come to know so well will survive…and who does not.

Produced in association with ITV Studios and Shaw Media who are partnered with Deep Indigo Productions and Lookout Point in the UK, Sienna Films Inc in Canada and Hungary based Mid Atlantic Films to produce this UK-Hungary-Canada co-production.

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Harry Potter Stars Attending Entertainment Media Show and Collectormania London
Posted by Megs

Several Harry Potter stars will be in attendance at the Entertainment Media Show and Collectormania London from March 6th-7th at Olympia 2, Hammersmith Road, London.

Afshan Azad who plays Padma Patil along with Anna Shafer, who plays Romilda Vane will be in attendance at the event.  They will each be attending on Saturday ONLY and autographs will cost £10.

Ian Whyte who was a stunt man for Madame Maxime and other characters in the films will also be in attendance.

As more stars are announced I will let you know!

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USA Potter Fans: Potter Stars Guest Starring on Merlin
Posted by Megs

For all you Harry Potter fans in the US who also enjoy the BBC show Merlin (starring Colin Morgan and Bradley James) a few Harry Potter stars will be guest starring on Season 3, which just finished airing in the UK a few weeks ago. If you haven’t seen the show, I suggest you catch up by watching the first two seasons on IMDB, its AWESOME, definitely one of my favorite shows! You can read an interview with Colin (Merlin) and Bradley (Arthur) here at collider.com. The guest appearances, in order of appearance, are as follows (I am assuming they aren’t skipping any weeks):

  • John Hurt (Ollivander) has a recurring role as The Dragon, he is seen in most episodes, though I am not sure which ones he will be in this season.
  • Mark Williams is the voice of a Goblin in episode 3, “Goblin’s Cold”, probably airing on January 21st.
  • Warwick Davis playing Grettir in episode 8, “The Eye of the Phoenix”, probably airing February 25th.
  • Miriam Margoyles will play Grunhilda in episode 6, “The Changeling” which should air on February 11th.
  • As I posted back in November, Harry Melling (Dudley Dursley) guest starred on episode 11, “The Sorcerer’s Shadow” playing Gilli. That episode probably will air March 18th.

Who else is as excited as I am for the premiere on Friday (YAY!!!!). There is a marathon that day starting at 8:30 am for anyone who is able to watch (sadly I will be at work). You can also order Season 1 and pre-order Season 2 on Amazon.

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New Fiona Shaw Interview
Posted by Megs

BBC has uploaded a new video interview with Fiona Shaw (Petunia Weasley) entitled 5 Minutes with: Fiona Shaw.  In the interview many questions are asked of Fiona and she mentions Harry Potter, the rest are also very interesting so the whole interview is worth a watch.  You may view the video here!

Very famous as a classical actress, but also the Harry Potter films and Three Men and A Little Lady.  Do you like film as much as theater?
I like being funny as much as being in serious things, yes.

Thanks TLC!

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Another Shirley Henderson Interview
Posted by Megs

Shirley Henderson (Moaning Myrtle) has given an interview to Scottish television network, STV, and you can view the interview here! On not being in Deathly Hallows:

Revealing some of the Harry Potter magic, she said: “When the camera is on the other characters, I was really in the swimming pool and really swimming towards Harry and doing all the voice but when the camera is turned on me, nobody is there. I am just by myself in a big green empty warehouse so I have got to imagine and remember what Harry did.

“I found it very difficult to begin with. I am up in the sky so I am strapped to a bicycle seat with my legs clamped down tight so I don’t fall off it and swivelling through the air and trying to hit marks and imagine how Harry would be reacting.”

Despite appearing a little in future books, Shirley’s character will not feature in later films, a part she says she will miss playing.

She said: “I think they just have to make that decision about who is going to be there and who’s not. And it is very much about the love interest now and a little bit more serious, less silly characters like me. I miss it, I loved doing it.”

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