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Videos: Harry Potter Wizards Collection
Posted by Megs

The Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection Set was released in the UK today and, to celebrate the release, we have been sent a few new clips from the set for your enjoyment! Read our review of the set at this page.

We have already seen this clip of Dan chatting with J.K. Rowling, but here it is again:

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Magical Menagerie Reviews Harry Potter Wizards Collection
Posted by Megs

Our UK correspondent, Patrick, was able to review the Harry Potter Wizards Collection. Photos of the set may be seen in the gallery. We have posted additional photos of the set in the gallery as well.

“There has always been one flaw in my claim of being one of the biggest Harry Potter fans; I have the wand and the uniform, I have the read the books at least seven times each, and I even flew from my native Australia to London to stand in Trafalgar Square with friends and fans alike at the final premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two. However there has always been something I was missing, and it was the DVD’s and there was a reason; The Wizards Collection is that reason.

I knew early on that come the end of the Film franchise, a complete box set would be released, a collection of all the films, in one complete package. It was inevitable that as the years would go on the technology would change, like the introduction of Blu Ray, and that the artwork and design would change, such as the Ultimate Editions, and I knew I would want a single collection that was complete in content and complete in design. And the Wizards Collection gives me that.”

Continue to the full review…

Click to view full size image

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Videos: New Clip from Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection
Posted by Megs

This morning we have been sent another new clip from the Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection (out September 7th in the US and 10th in the UK.) This new clip shows how they got Hagrid to look so much bigger when he was with the children.

They also sent over a couple clips we had previously posted, but we will post them again in case you missed them. First up, Secrets Revealed: Quidditch

The Harry Potter’s You’ve Never Met

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Video: The Harry Potters You Never Met”
Posted by Megs

Film.com have released a new clip from the Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection in which we see some of the stunt doubles from the Harry Potter films. The clip is mainly about Harry’s double, David Holmes, but we also see the stunt coordinator, Greg Powell.

Many fans will remember that David Holmes was injured during the filming of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2009. Greg, was similarly injured in 2010, though he only broke his shoulder, whereas Holmes was paralyzed.  These are the unsung heroes of Harry Potter and we will get to meet them on the DVD.

Get More:

For more from NextMovie: More videos | Trailers | Movie news | DVD & Blu-Ray

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Video: Behind the Scenes of Chamber of Secrets; Young Tom and Dan
Posted by Megs

WB has released another clip from the upcoming Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection. This clip shows Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton shooting some Quidditch scenes for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

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Warner Home Video Exec. Discusses Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection
Posted by Megs

Home Media Magazine has released a new interview with Warner Home Video EVP and GM, Jeff Baker, who discusses the very limited release of the Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection. He calls the set a “homage to the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise” and revealed that there will only be 63,000 copies of the collection released worldwide, with 30-35,000 of those being released in the US.  The collection hits stores September 7th in the US and September 10th in the United Kingdom. Of the number of copies he says:

“It was very difficult [to arrive at that number] because we didn’t have a comp to this,” Baker said. “We’ve never, as a company — and I don’t think any other studio has — released something quite like this. So there really was no precedent for what the demand might be. In order to make an event out of it and to make it special for people to want to step up and buy it and commit to the type of investment that was required, we felt that it didn’t make sense just to make some ungodly number and sell it forever,” he added. “We wanted to make it a special one-time purchase opportunity.”

Baker also revealed that Warner Bros. plans to release a “less robust, more cost-effective version” once the larger collection sells out.  He also discussed putting the content together for the set

“Over the years, we have specifically aggregated and accumulated some footage that we’ve never released that’s part of the individual film releases, knowing that our plan and intention was to ultimately release it one day in a huge comprehensive box,” Baker said. Designed with hidden compartments, drawers and souvenirs — such as artwork, a Hogwarts map, catalogs of props and posters, a locket and more — the set makes for a “really special, unique keepsake,” he added.

Finally, he noted that, while the price-tag for the set is hefty (at $499.99,) it will be a prized collection and investment piece for major fans.

“There is a high-end market for a franchise like this,” he said. “I can’t say that every film would elicit that kind of response, where people are paying hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars. That’s still a lot of money to spend in a marketplace where you can buy a DVD at Walmart for $5. Clearly it’s for somebody who likes the whole notion of the complete repository of everything that ever existed on ‘Harry Potter’ — that, frankly, is ever going to be released on ‘Harry Potter,’ as far as I’m concerned,” Baker continued. “This is the definitive collection with everything in it. This is about as good as it’s going to get.”

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