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Daniel Radcliffe Talks His Career with Buzzfeed
Posted by Megs

In a new interview with Buzzfeed, Daniel Radcliffe talks about everything from Now You See Me 2 to Kill Your Darlings, What If and Frankenstein. Some highlights from the interview maybe read below.

How did you feel about how Kill Your Darlings, What If, and Horns ended up doing at the box office?

Daniel Radcliffe: It is what it is. Kill Your Darlings did exactly what I expected it to do. A gay murder movie is never going to be, like, breaking box office records. And you know, it was an indie movie that was made for nothing, so there was never a pressure for it to do anything.

F Word, if it had been allowed to be called The F Word… I actually think the title change makes a huge difference. I think F Word is a fantastic title. I think What If is, you know, not a fantastic title. It’s a title. It’s fine. It’s words. It’s funny that kind of thing can make a difference.

You’ve got to bear in mind, like, those films all came at a time when people were like, “Can he even act? Will he even do anything after Potter?” And so those films did what I needed [them] to do. I was good in them, and they showed different sides of me. I can’t control what happens at the box office. Frankenstein, I don’t know if it’s going to do anything. Who knows?

All I can do is do my best work in the movie that I can, and promote the hell out of it as much as I can. What people go and spend money to see is up to them. My friends have a great motto, which is, “I’d rather be nine people’s favorite thing than 100 people’s ninth favorite thing.” I feel like that’s absolutely true.

You’re nominally attached to several independent films that don’t yet have financing — Brooklyn Bridge with Brie Larson, Young Americans with Dane DeHaan, a Yakuza thriller called Tokyo Vice.

Daniel Radcliffe: I’ve learned over the years that it is harder to get these films made, but they are the things that I love doing. I never want to become one of those actors who’s on set and hates their fucking job. So I’ve got to keep myself entertained.

Even among actors that I really like as people, and they’re good people, there’s a tendency en masse when they all get together to moan and complain. The worst day on a film set is still better than the best day on most jobs, in my opinion. I’m not saying actors aren’t entitled to have bad days. But, like, you never see one of the camera guys come in and be like, “Oh, I’m just having a terrible day. I’m not sure if I can do this today.” It’s like, fuck off. He’d be fired. And actors, because our job has an emotional bent to it, they take it as an excuse to sort of be like, This is all therapy. And it’s not. If you’re having a bad day, get on with your job, because you having a bad day can affect everyone around you.

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Video: Daniel Radcliffe in ‘Now You See Me 2’ Teaser Trailer
Posted by Megs

Lionsgate has released the first teaser trailer for Now You See Me 2: The Second Act, featuring Daniel Radcliffe as Wallace. The film will be released on June 1oth in the United States. A synopsis of the film may be read below:

After outwitting the FBI and winning the public’s adulation with their Robin Hood-style magic spectacles, the Four Horseman [Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Lizzy Caplan] return in NOW YOU SEE ME 2.

Together they resurface for a comeback performance in hopes of exposing the unethical practices of a tech magnate [Daniel Radcliffe]. Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, and Michael Caine, also return for the second act.


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Daniel Radcliffe to Receive Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, Featured in Nylon Magazine
Posted by Megs

It was revealed earlier this week that Daniel Radcliffe will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 12th. The ceremony will be streamed online at 11:30 a.m. PST on the Hollywood Walk of Fame’s website. Chris Columbus, who directed Dan in the first two Potter films, will be one of the guest speakers.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that Daniel Radcliffe will be honored with the 2,565th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday, November 12th at 11:30 a.m. PST. The star in the category of Motion Pictures will be dedicated in front of The Dolby Theatre at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard. “Fans of all ages have been waiting in anticipation of Daniel’s star ceremony. They are constantly asking when it will happen. Finally, we have him here in Hollywood, and we are proud to dedicate his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,” stated Ana Martinez, producer of the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremonies.

Daniel is also featured in the November issue of Nylon Magazine. In the issue he talks about Emma Watson, keeping in touch with other Potter co-stars and his role in Victor Frankenstein which will be released on November 25th. Some snippets from the interview may be read below. He talks about Emma’s HeForShe movement and slips in a bit of information about one of his newest projects, Swiss Army Man.

Radcliffe also speaks highly of former co-star Emma Watson’s HeForShe campaign to promote gender equality: “I think it’s fantastic that she’s bringing attention to it and adding to the conversation. I also find it bemusing, honestly, maybe because I have cool parents with a very equal marriage and have had good role models all my life, but I thought this was done,” he says. Things are improving, at least in his own industry, Radcliffe adds, noting that he’d never seen a film crew more equally split gender-wise than on the set of Swiss Army Man, which he’s just returned from after 25 days of shooting. He describes the film as “super weird,” “the craziest thing I’ve ever done,” and “intoxicating.” Without giving away too much of the plot, he reveals that the film includes singing and a guy befriending a dead body.

He also quickly discusses Victor Frankenstein:

Told from Igor’s perspective, Victor Frankenstein explores the young assistant’s backstory as well as the infamous outcome of the duo’s experiments. “I like the fact that it’s a studio movie with these big sets and sequences, but there’s also a cool intellectual debate going on—our innate fear of technology and the fear of people who push it beyond where we’re comfortable with it going—it felt like a nice combination,” he says.

Update: Watch the ceremony below:

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Video: Trailer for Victor Frankenstein Featuring Daniel Radcliffe
Posted by Megs

20th Century Fox has released the official trailer for Daniel Radcliffe’s Victor Frankenstein, which also stars James McAvoy. The film will be released on November 25, 2015.

James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe star in a dynamic and thrilling twist on a legendary tale. Radical scientist Victor Frankenstein (McAvoy) and his equally brilliant protégé Igor Strausman (Radcliffe) share a noble vision of aiding humanity through their groundbreaking research into immortality. But Victor’s experiments go too far, and his obsession has horrifying consequences. Only Igor can bring his friend back from the brink of madness and save him from his monstrous creation.

Thanks DanaholicsAnonymous

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Daniel Radlciffe Starring in ‘Young Americans’
Posted by Megs

It has been confirmed that Daniel Radcliffe will be starring in Young Americans, a film he has been hoping to make with Kill Your Darlings co-star Dane DeHaan for a few years. Last year we tweeted about a petition to help get the film made, and the wishes of fans have been granted!

Daniel will portray Lee Atwater with Dane as Karl Rove, and Amanda Seyfried will play Kate King. Filming will begin this Fall directed by John Krokidas, who also directed Kill Your Darlings.

A quick synopsis of the film may be read below:

Based on true events from the ’70s, Radclilffe and DeHanne play two ambitious college students on a cross-country road trip who, during the course of this buddy movie, tarnish the American dream one state at a time. Rove was the straight-laced and ambitious student who was running for the head of the College Republicans under the guidance of the free-wheeling Atwater. The latter took Rove on a wild road-trip through the South all the way to the White House in a crash course of dirty tricks and politics. Seyfried plays Kate King, a young political femme fatale they meet along the way who secretly threatens to beat the boys at their own game.

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Actor News Roundup: Dan, Tom, Matt and Bonnie
Posted by Megs

There has been a lot of news for each of the Potter actors the past couple of weeks while we were away. Today we’re rounding up the latest casting news and more.

Daniel Radcliffe

It has been announced that Daniel Radcliffe will star in BBC Two’s Game Changer, a film based on Grand Theft Auto. He will still star as the creator of the famous game, Sam Houser.

Conceived for an adult audience, this special 90-minute drama tells the story of the controversy surrounding the computer game Grand Theft Auto – arguably the greatest British coding success story since Bletchley Park.Its triumph was down to a bunch of British gaming geniuses who had known each other since their school days, and at the heart of it all was GTA’s creative mastermind, Sam Houser. In autumn 2013 its latest iteration – GTA:V – earned $1bn in its first three days, becoming the fastest selling entertainment product in history.

Grand Theft Auto offers gamers the chance to step into a fantasy world where they can behave like criminals, gun down rival gangsters and cops, hijack cars and venture deeper into an imaginary American underworld.

But the violent gameplay coupled with its outstanding commercial success leads to fierce opposition: from parents worried about children immersing themselves in such a violent world; from politicians, alarmed at the values they say it encourages; and above all from moral campaigners, who fight passionately to keep it out of the hands of children. At the vanguard of this crusade is the formidable campaigning lawyer Jack Thompson, a man determined to do whatever he can to stop the relentless rise of Grand Theft Auto.

Game Changer (w/t) tells the story of an extraordinary chapter in the history of this iconic game, and reveals the major impact it has had on our cultural landscape.

He also completed filming for Now You See Me: The Second Act, which will release in theaters next summer.

Finally, Daniel hosted BBC’s Have I Got News for You, which can be watched below or over at BBC’s website.

Tom Felton

Feltbeats reports that Tom will be starring in Message From the King as Frankie, filming has begun in LA.

A mysterious outsider named Jacob King from South Africa arrives in Los Angeles to avenge his younger sister’s death.

Chadwick Boseman stars as Jacob, a South African who descends into the Los Angeles underworld in an attempt to avenge his younger sister’s death and rescue her stepson from the immoral world into which he’s been sold. Natalie Martinez will play Trish, the former neighbor of Jacob’s missing sister Bianca who he recruits to help find the woman’s murderer.

Matthew Lewis

The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively revealed that Matt Lewis has been cast in MGM and New Line’s new film, ‘Me Before You.’ The film is based on the novel of the same name by Jojo Moyes. It has not been revealed who Matthew will be playing, but we will of course keep you updated on the film as more is announced!

The story centers on Lou (Emilia Clarke), a small-town girl caught between dead-end jobs, and Will (Sam Claflin), a successful man who finds himself wheelchair-bound after an accident. He can find no reason to live, until they meet when he hires her as his caretaker, and she becomes determined to prove to him that life is worth living.

According to Matthew-Lewis.com, he will be on the cover of Attitude magazine‘s June issue.

Bonnie Wright

SnitchSeeker interviewed Bonnie Wright recently about her long-awaited film, Sweat, and other roles.

SnitchSeeker: We’ve seen the trailer for Sweat and it looks like an intense love story.
Bonnie Wright:
It’s definitely a love story. It’s pretty much led through the guy’s perspective, who’s played by actor Matthew McNulty. It’s basically about him in the present time reflecting over a previous relationship he had while he’s walking home and how he basically let the relationship end without maybe realizing that maybe she was the one he should’ve been with. So it’s basically about the loss of her and understanding what went wrong in the relationship.

SnitchSeeker: Was there a challenge in filming your first love story?
Bonnie Wright:
I think, in that sort of way, in terms of small moments of intimacy. And a lot of the scenes were memories – flashbacks and improvised moments – so it was a challenge, but it was really enjoyable.

SnitchSeeker: What can you tell us about Sweat?
Bonnie Wright:
I was really drawn to the material. It first sat within a series of short films that link together as a feature film [Geography of the Hapless Heart] as one, tying in the theme that was the element of love. The idea is that each story is meant to be told in a different city. However, Sweat worked so well and powerfully as its own short film and that’s basically why they’re releasing it now as its own short film. We shot it all in London. For a lot of it we went down there, to different locations around there. At the time, I’d just started … my first year at university and it was all in that area, too. So it was an area I was spending a lot of time with, funnily enough, while I was shooting it. And Matthew’s great. He plays the lead in the film.

The main theme of it is there are nuances of a relationship. How we read people, and how we can misread people when we’re in relationships – this idea that he obviously misread what the relationship was or what the relationship could have been for her. In terms of my performance, that was really interesting because it was all about mannerisms. So those fine details certainly were enjoyable and I know pretty well in the film. It’s a project I did quite awhile ago so it’ll be nice when an audience gets to see it.

SnitchSeeker: Are you planning to make any more films yourself?
Bonnie Wright:
I’m making my first short film at the end of this year, and I’m currently writing my first feature that’s set in New York – that’s what I’m doing here [in New York] at the moment.

SnitchSeeker: Have you started filming The Highway is For Gamblers in the Mojave Desert in California yet?
Bonnie Wright:
Yeah, we shot a bit of it at the end of last year, which was shot for the ending section of the film – which actually wasn’t the stuff that’s in the Mojave Desert – that was stuff that was in Ventura, California. The film ends by the sea.

SnitchSeeker: How did you get involved with that production?
Bonnie Wright:
That was a great script sent to me by Alex [Alexandra McGuinness] the director. I read the script and had a few conversations with her. It came about because of the material, which I really love.

SnitchSeeker: I’ve heard you’ll be doing a Scottish remake of A Christmas Carol, is that right?
Bonnie Wright:
Yeah, I already shot that a few weeks ago.

SnitchSeeker: What drew you to that?
Bonnie Wright:
I like the modern retelling of it – the way they brought it into modern times. It’s a story that I grew up watching, and a theme that is so prevalent in today’s Scrooge-money driven culture.

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