It has been confirmed that Daniel Radcliffe will be starring in Young Americans, a film he has been hoping to make with Kill Your Darlings co-star Dane DeHaan for a few years. Last year we tweeted about a petition to help get the film made, and the wishes of fans have been granted!

Daniel will portray Lee Atwater with Dane as Karl Rove, and Amanda Seyfried will play Kate King. Filming will begin this Fall directed by John Krokidas, who also directed Kill Your Darlings.

A quick synopsis of the film may be read below:

Based on true events from the ’70s, Radclilffe and DeHanne play two ambitious college students on a cross-country road trip who, during the course of this buddy movie, tarnish the American dream one state at a time. Rove was the straight-laced and ambitious student who was running for the head of the College Republicans under the guidance of the free-wheeling Atwater. The latter took Rove on a wild road-trip through the South all the way to the White House in a crash course of dirty tricks and politics. Seyfried plays Kate King, a young political femme fatale they meet along the way who secretly threatens to beat the boys at their own game.

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