Today we’re sharing 2 new books being released tomorrow, June 23rd. The first is MuggleNet’s Unofficial Harry Potter Character Compendium. The second is The Unofficial Ultimate Harry Potter Spellbook which was written by Media Lab books prior to their partnership with MuggleNet.

The character compendium is a more expanded and stylized version of our character listing page. The book gives details on every character mentioned in the books, films and official websites like Pottermore (now There are over 700 characters listed. Within the pages you’ll find large biographies of major characters and smaller paragraphs for those who are mentioned in passing. There are also some pages featuring family trees, alliances, the Hogwarts houses and more! There’s sure to be something new for even the most devoted fan.

The spellbook contains chapters for each type of spell as well as information on wands. Where possible, you are shown the preferred wand movement as well as when the spells were used. It even includes enchanted objects such as the Ford Anglia. Pages within the book also have “handwritten” notes and fun facts about certain spells. We love this added touch that reminds us of the original Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them book with similar annotations.

Both books are beautifully made and high quality, with a silky, embossed cover. We couldn’t stop petting the covers because they’re so velvety. They are a beautiful addition to any Potter fan’s bookshelf.

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