The first trailer for Emma Watson’s upcoming thriller, Regression, has been released. The movie also stars David Thewlis (Professor Lupin), and Ethan Hawke and has a release date of August 28, 2015. The trailer as well as a short synopsis may be seen below:

REGRESSION is set in a small Minnesota town in 1980 where a man is arrested for sexually abusing his daughter. He admits his guilt despite having no memory of it. With the help of a psychologist, he relives the memories and implicates a police officer as his partner in crime. The man’s estranged son and other townspeople are also suddenly able to relive suppressed memories of horrific abuse. At the same time, the local news reports blame a Satanic cult that has been performing rituals of orgies, assault, killing animals and even babies, for years. The officers are alarmed when similar reports come in from all around the country—they believe they’ve uncovered a national and possibly supernatural conspiracy. Is the abuse real, or something else?”

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