In a brand new interview with Oh My Disney, Kenneth Branagh discusses his latest project, Cinderella. The trailer was just released and may be watched below.

Oh My Disney: What do you what the audience to take away from the new trailer?
Kenneth Branagh: I wanted to let the audience feel that [with the movie] they were going to enter a very sumptuous, lavish world. It’s a new kind of fairy tale where the emotional development feels very real. In the trailer I wanted to show people that there would be a great, big, immersive world to go into and that it would be fun to spend some time there. It’s playful and complex; full of energy.

Oh My Disney: What drew you to this project?
Kenneth Branagh: I love contrast in my work and I love surprise and challenge. I had previously worked on Thor and then Jack Ryan. And then along comes a fairy tale, and trying to work out what made a classic like Cinderella resonate so deeply across hundreds and hundreds and of years, and across the movie landscape for decades and decades, was a revelation. I wanted to figure out how you make Cinderella in the 21st century.

Oh My Disney: Why do you think has Cinderella remained so popular?
Kenneth Branagh: Life can be pretty rough sometimes for everybody and it’s wonderful to be able to go to the ball, or have a moment where all of your troubles are put to the side, and you get to dress up, and dance, and maybe have a wonderful romance. Our alliance with the underdog tells us if you hang on, if you believe in courage and kindness, life really will work out for you.

Oh My Disney: One of the themes of the new film is courage. How did that inform Cinderella as a character?
Kenneth Branagh: I think that she learns to turn the other cheek with strength. She has no sense of self-pity, no sense of being a victim. She makes her own choices, She doesn’t indulge in her own pain or hardships. She looks at the world with compassion. I find her such good company because she’s so un-showy, and yet she’s so charismatic. I think she really knows herself.

Oh My Disney: Do you have any advice for fans who might want to break into the film industry and follow in your footsteps?
Kenneth Branagh: Don’t limit yourself or your imagination. Imagination is a big beautiful space in your heart in which to live. Dream big, dream happy, dream kind.

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