In a new interview with HeyUGuys, Rupert Grint talks about his experiences post-Harry Potter and how he decides what projects to take on next.

“I quite like variety and doing something different each time,” he told us. “The decisions are just based on good scripts and the people involved. It’s fun doing new things, and I’m just learning a lot. Although I was on Potter for all those years, you felt like you were in a bubble, those films were so unique I don’t think I’ll ever experience that scale and budget again. So it’s fun to do it on a smaller scale, and I find it much more intimate and it’s good. I’m enjoying it.”

He also talks about his newest film, Postman Pat: The Movie, out today in the UK:

“Postman Pat was a big part of my childhood, and it was one of my favourite shows,” he said. “I said yes to this before I’d even read the script, it was an easy decision. It’s a real honour to be a part of it. I used to absolutely love Postman Pat, it’s quite surreal. But it’s a very different Pat to the one I knew, these aren’t the wooden, stop-motion puppets, this is a modern, computer generated animation. Which is good, that Postman Pat has moved into the 21st century, it’s cool.”

Pat has been on television now for over 30 years, and has somehow managed to maintain that appeal to generations of different children. Now, as we build up towards his debut feature film, Grint explains what it is about Postman Pat that is just so special.

“It’s quite unique for a character to have that longevity, I mean, he’s still on TV now. For me, it was the fact he was just a regular guy. It was an achievable goal, you could become a postman. Making a hero out of that was really cool. Fireman Sam, too.”

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