Crushable has released their list of the 25 Crushable Guys Under 25 for 2012 and Matthew Lewis has made the list at number 19. Daniel Radcliffe is number 12, down from being number 8 last year.

19. Matthew Lewis, 22
Twitter Followers: N/A
Facebook Fans: N/A
Google Autocomplete: Girlfriend

No one’s ever survived puberty as well as Matthew Lewis. The once awkward looking actor, known for playing Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter franchise,blossomed into a beautiful young man this year. That transformation alone qualifies him to be on this list. However he’s determined to do more than just drop jaws with his chiseled English looks. He’s also starring in two movies this year: a short called Night of the Loving Dead and Wasteland

12. Daniel Radcliffe, 22 (#8 in 2011)
Twitter Followers: N/A
Facebook Fans: N/A
Google Autocomplete: girlfriend

After completing the eighth Harry Potter film this year, Daniel Radcliffe shed his wizard robes for Broadwaw, film roles and scandal. Yes, little Harry Potter set out this year to prove to us that he’s all grown up and ready to leave his life of wands and lightning scars behind him. While promoting his film The Woman in Black, he shared fun facts about his pubic hair preference (more please), his soberness on the Harry Potter set (or lack therof) and his feelings on Twilight (Avada Kedavra!). As much as we love Daniel Radcliffe, we’re ready to see him fully shed the Harry Potter image this year — and maybe when he finally does, he can get back to his #8 spot on the list. His upcoming projects, such as his role as Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings, will hopefully help him achieve that.


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