Chris Rankin let us know through Twitter that today was his last day playing Percy Weasley in the Potter films.  A very sad day indeed, even though I dislike Percy 😉 (Chris is awesome though)

  • So I think today is my last day filming Harry Potter…. God…10 years of my life may well be over come
    Midnight tonight…!
  • As much as I’m really terribly sad about finishing, I’m excited to see what will come next! Although another ten years and I’ll be 36…!
  • Having said it’s my last day, it’s raining and we’re shooting exterior… Will keep you all posted! Should I have checked out of the hotel?!
  • Well we’ve done some shooting but it’s wet…! Proper welled up mid take just now! Fortunately I fits with the scene though!
  • Those of you asking And guessing what scene it is we’re filming, you know I can’t possibly tell you!
  • And the rest is silence… Done, finished, no more. *sadface*
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