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Toxic Kiss Review by Courtney

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Toxic Kiss Review by Courtney

Ordered Review On: February 27, 2008
Reviewed On: March 12, 2008 – March 24, 2008

Score: 92
Prizes: See this page under Courtney

Layout: 18/20 Points
First of let me tell you that I am so impressed that you have 16 different skins for your site! That is wonderful there is something for everyone with that many skins. I am however only going to base your layout on the default skin which is the one I took the snapshot of. I love this layout! It is fun and playful just like the twins! I like the font that you use for the site name as well as the headers. I like the make poverty history banner as well. This shows that your site is not just about Harry Potter and acknowledges the bigger problems of the world. Your sidebars seem a bit cluttered. I’d try putting your disclaimer in a footer at the bottom of the page and getting rid of the all posters ad unless you can customize it to match your site a little better. Your tagbox also needs to match a little better try a transparent background for it maybe.

Graphics: 7/10 Points
I couldn’t really find too many graphics except for the skins. These were very nice though and show your own unique style which I happen to like. Try offering some free graphics such as adoptions, blinkies, or signs.

Content: 7/7 Points

Let me first off let you know how much I adore the creativity you have used with naming your navigation. (places, people, things, animals) That goes so very well with you’re site’s theme. you’re main page looks great, very organized and I love that you have the translation flags at the bottom! I also like the count-down to HBP that you have going on! 😀

Your about me page is so informative! I love it! you even have videos and lists of the different HP merchandise that you have! ( I am envious of your collection lol! ) You also tell me a lot about you in general and what you have done, are doing, and hope to do. Great job here! Your staff page is nicely organized and informative. Your job section is very impressive! You list everything the staff member must do to get the job, which is very nice to know up front before you have to explain things in e-mails a million times to each person who puts an application in. You’re feedback form seems in order. You’re about the site page is very informative yet again as all your pages seem to be. I love how much detail you go into with everything! Ahh I remember when your site first started out as DDNT. I was one of your first affiliates and I remember you saying that you’d had trouble getting accepted by the bigger sites because you were free hosted and I told you that you’re site was wonderful and who cares if they don’t like it. I bet those sites are regretting rejecting you now! Your site is one of the most well known HP sites on the web now. So 😛 on them! Anyway, yet again information galore on this page. You even included info on some of your network sites here as well as past layouts as far back as DDNT. Great job again. If I was giving you gold stars I would be running out of stickers a few sentences ago! You have some very nice exclusives! I particularly like the interview with The Moaning Myrtles and the behind the scenes with a hopefully Lavender brown auditioner. Very creative. Your disclaimer and credits seem to be in order. Your affiliates page is a little sloppy. I would try to incorporate some sort of format such as only X amount of 100×35 link back buttons per row and center them. I would also change the links that are bigger and smaller than 100×35 to that size by using the width and height attributes or cropping them somehow.

I love the graphics you have made for each actor and character. You have some great info for everyone including their favorites, and films they have been in as well as related sites. Wow on JKR’s page you even have the Wizard/Witch of the month updates. I love the fanmail section and all your tips to get your letter noticed are superb! You have a very long list of birthdays for both the cast and characters, which is a great resource! You have some nice quizzes. I am absolutely in love with your WROCK section! You have bands listed from a-z and you have show listings and a the history of WROCK and everything! I bow down to you. The formatting on your theme park page is messed up. Your right sidebar is appearing under your content. You do have some good info on the park though.

You have some good info here in the movie section listing the cast and release dates but some of the earlier movie pages feel a bit incomplete when you look at the 5th and 6th movie pages which include videos and pictures. The books section seems a bit of the movie section in reverse as some things from the later books are missing and the first few books are complete. You still have some good info in this section though. I love the post DH section as I am learning lots of things I didn’t know! I also like how organized it is. Everything is in it’s own section and everything has an anchor so you don’t have to scroll down to that particular section you just click the link! I use this a lot on my own site. I find it very useful. I love all the detail you have put into the character profiles! It’s also refreshing to see them in your own words and not copied from the Harry Potter Lexicon like so many sites are guilty of! Wow you have a very extensive and descriptive page on Quidditch. You also have some other wizard games listed. I do feel like a lot of this could have been combined though. I think you should rename the link here that says more and change it to something like The Wizarding World like you have on the page that more links to and remove the other links starting with Character list down to shopping.

Organization: 13/15 Points

Everything is easy enough to find but I do get a real cluttered feel sometimes. Especially on the left sidebar. I would make icons for your partners and network links.

Niceness: 10/10 Points
Full points! You are super nice to every visitor and you help others out whenever you can!

Creativeness: 9/10 Points
You’re very creative you like to come up with new ideas and they are usually very well received!

Updates: 5/5 Points
You have an update everyday sometimes more! this is the key to getting return visitors! Keep it up! I know I visit you everyday to catch up on the latest news 😀

Colors: 9/10 Points
I love the colors you used for this layout they go together perfectly, but they might not appeal to the male visitors, but that would be easily solved by them choosing a different skin so :p on them if they don’t like it.

Extra: 9/10 Points

Honestly your site is pretty awesome. I would suggest changing the color of the chatbox and maybe adding some games or free graphics.

Bonus: 5/5 Points
Saw my button.

The only advice I can give to you is to keep up the great work and always keep adding new content! You have a truly wonderful site and I enjoyed reviewing it!