On July 7th I had the opportunity to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in London. Before I go into the regular review I would like to say: I think the movie was totally amazing, I cried for at least half of the movie (I hardly ever cry so that is a big deal). It also may have surpassed the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King as my favorite movie of all time…

Moving on, I will say that the movie did have many differences from the books, so book purists may not enjoy the film as much as I did. But in my opinion these changes (except for one) truly enhanced the film and made it better, they did not bother me at all.

The acting in this film we pas truly superb, Alan Rockman and Matthew Lewis stole the show. The trio have once again proven that they are worthy of their roles as Harry, Ron and Hermione by upping their acting game tenfold. Maggie Smith, Jukie Walters, James and Oliver Phelps, Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, Helen McCrory and the rest of the cast were also amazing!

The most moving scene, for me, was (SPOLIER) Snape’s death scene. The cinematography and acting in the scene was perfect, they did change the location of the death but I think it works very well. Snaoe’s memory scene was also done with great care and was mostly true to the bookl.

Ine part I did not like, and many other fans agree, is when Harry and Voldemort fall off the side of the cliff which was shown in the trailer. Without spoiling anything they added something after that which brout harry and Voldemort to the courtyard for their final showdown. I don’t really think that scene was necessary and it was a bit odd.

I saw the film in 3D and was a bit nervous that it wouldn’t be as good as 2D but the way the crew implemented it really complimented the film.

So my parting tip is: Remember, the movies are only based off the films, so changes will have to be made so the movie actually works, books always have tons of detail and side plots but films do not always have the time for that.

Enjoy the movie and being some tissues!