Hermione Granger

  Full Name: Hermione Jean Granger
  Birthday: September 19, 1979
  Husband: Ron Weasley
  Children: Hugo, Rose
  Parents: unnamed muggles
  Pet: Crookshanks the Cat(3rd year+)
  Appearance: Brown Eyes, Brown bushy hair, large front teeth
   Occupation: Department of Magical Law Enforcement

At Hogwarts:

     Wand: Vine Wood with dragon heartstring
     House: Gryffindor
     Patronus: Otter
     Boggart: McGonagall telling her she failed
     Amortentia smells: freshly mown grass and new parchment and ...
     Other Items: Time Turner(3rd)
     Honors: Prefect(fifth, sixth)
     OWLs: also known as Ordinary Wiarding Levels
         Care of Magical Creatures Outstanding
         Charms Outstanding
         Herbology Outstanding
         Potions Outstanding
         Transfiguration Outstanding
         Astronomy Outstanding
         Arithmancy Outstanding
         History of Magic Outstanding
         Unknown Outstanding
         Defence Against the Dark Arts Exeeds Expectation