The new issue of Watch! magazine, which  hit newsstands last week, includes a brand new interview with Daniel Radcliffe. He  discusses his role in this film, why he quit drinking and life after Harry Potter. Some snippets from the interview may be read below:

“For the first time, I’m feeling nervous about a film coming out,” admits the actor of the supernatural thriller distributed by CBS Films, scheduled to open Feb. 3. “With Potter, you knew it was going to do well. There was a preexisting fan base. But with this, there’s that fear in the back of my mind that no one will really care.”

“I read the script just about two hours after we finished filming the last Potterfilm,” says Radcliffe, “and I thought it was the most compelling story. At the beginning of the film, [Arthur] is a deeply unhappy character in a state of emotional paralysis. But when it really gets going, he’s forced to come out of that and be an active participant in his own life.” It also didn’t hurt that the script scared the daylights out of him. “From the first page when he’s in the house with the woman in black, I was going, ‘Get out! Run! Don’t ever go back!’ ” he says with a laugh.

“I’m very ambitious,” says Radcliffe, who harbors dreams of directing one day. “In the back of my mind, there are always voices telling me what I have to achieve. That drives me on, along with other people thinking that I won’t be able to achieve those things.” He lets loose a hearty laugh. “I find other people’s doubts incredibly motivational.”

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