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Video: Deleted Scene from ‘What If’ Featuring Daniel Radcliffe
Posted by Megs

MTV has released a brand new scene from Daniel Radcliffe’s film What If.  The film is now available on DVD and BluRay over at Amazon!

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Rupert Grint Not Returning for Extended Run of ‘It’s Only a Play’
Posted by Megs

A couple weeks ago we reported that Rupert Grint’s Broadway show, It’s Only a Play, would be extending it’s run through March 29th. Unfortunately, it was revealed today that Rupert (as well as Megan Mullally and Nathan LAne) will not be returning after the original end date of January 4th. Rupert’s replacement has not yet been announced, but Martin Short will be taking over for Nathan Lane.

In It’s Only A Play, it’s opening night of Peter Austin’s (Matthew Broderick) new play as he anxiously awaits to see if his show is a hit. With his career on the line, he shares his big First Night with his best friend, a television star (Nathan Lane), his fledgling producer (Megan Mullally), his erratic leading lady (Stockard Channing), his wunderkind director (Rupert Grint), an infamous drama critic (F. Murray Abraham), and a fresh-off-the-bus coat check attendant (Micah Stock) on his first night in Manhattan. It’s alternately raucous, ridiculous and tender — and proves that sometimes the biggest laughs happen offstage.

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Video: David Heyman on Fantastic Beasts Filming & J.K. Rowling
Posted by Megs

In a new interview with Digital Spy, producer David Heyman discusses Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them as well as their decision to split Deathly Hallows into two films. Watch below,and thanks to SnitchSeeker we also have a transcript. David is very soft-spoken so you’ll have to turn up your volume.

I know you’ve said before it’s helped you in your career to have lived in America and here. So how does it feel to be going back to the world of Potter that’s going to be set in New York for Fantastic Beasts?

David Heyman: Anything that Jo creates is exciting to be a part of. She has such an incredible imagination. It’s a privilege to have worked with her on the eight Potter films and to be working with her again on this. She’s written a wonderful script. I’m very, very excited.

Are you looking to start casting soon for Newt?

Heyman: I think we’ll probably start up sometime next year.

How do you feel to have started this new trend – I think it was you – with Potter splitting the final chapter into two? It’s now kind of the norm.
Heyman: That was so not a calculated decision. It was really borne purely out of creative imperative. I think if we’d done one film, it’d have been four-five hours long. As much as people’s attention is much … people love Potter – I think they would have struggled, and we’d have had to cut out too much to make it work.

So, I know people will find that hard to believe but I promise you it was borne out of creative imperative. Actually it wasn’t me who had the idea. Someone else had the idea: Lionel Wigram, who is producing Fantastic Beasts with me. And my initial reaction was no. He said, “No, David. How are we going to do it?” And I reread the books, and Steve Kloves, the screenwriter, we discussed it. It became clear it was the only way to tell the story that we wanted to tell in the way that we wanted to tell it. I don’t know whether all the others are borne out of a similar creative imperative. Maybe. But that was the source of ours.

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David Heyman Talks ‘Fantastic Beasts’ & Paddington in New Interview
Posted by Megs

In  a new interview, Harry Potter producer David Heyman discusses the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them script, which was written by J.K. Rowling and will be produced by Heyman. He also discusses his latest film, Paddington, which hits theatres on November 28, 2014.

On Paddington:

‘I still have my Paddington teddy bear from when I was four,’ he says. ‘My mother’s a hoarder.’ Rereading them as an adult, he found them just as appealing. ‘They made me smile, they made me laugh, and I loved Paddington’s good nature, his generosity of spirit. It’s a classic immigrant story in many ways, about someone looking for a home, a place to be, and about a family who see the world afresh through this bear’s eyes.’

On Rowling and the Fantastic Beasts films:

‘[Rowling] is an incredibly generous person,’ Heyman says. ‘She’s one of the most philanthropic people around.’

The first of three new films set in the Harry Potter universe, albeit 70 years before Harry himself was born, it will also be the first film scripted by Rowling. ‘Jo’s a good scriptwriter, too,’ Heyman says. ‘She is so smart, and her turn of phrase, the precision of the language she uses, is a joy to behold.’

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Hot Butterbeer Arrives at Universal Orlando
Posted by Megs

Today, Universal Orlando Resort began serving hot Butterbeer to guests at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. They celebrated with guests by surprising some of the first visitors to Leaky Cauldron and Three Broomsticks with complimentary cups of the new beverage.

Guests have tried it cold, frozen – and even as an ice-cream flavor. Beginning today, November 21, 2014, Universal Orlando Resort will now offer hot Butterbeer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. To celebrate this new addition, some of the first guests at Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley and Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade were surprised with complimentary cups of the new drink.

Hot Butterbeer is a smooth, hot beverage reminiscent of shortbread and butterscotch served year-round with a whipped topping. In The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley, it will be served at Leaky Cauldron, The Hopping Pot, and The Fountain of Fair Fortune. In The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade, it will be available at Three Broomsticks and Hog’s Head Pub.

Since the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade in June 2010, millions of Butterbeers have been sold each year at Universal Orlando. It has quickly become a guest favorite and appears as a popular drink in the Harry Potter books and films.

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J.K. Rowling’s Lumos Starts Campaign to Help Children with Disabilities Go to School
Posted by Megs

Today, J.K. Rowling’s charity, Lumos, started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money to help children with disabilities get an education. They are raising funds for a Special Education Unit in Moldova that will enable local children with severe disabilities to attend their local school for the first time in their lives. The Unit will be adapted for the special needs of the children to ensure that they receive a good quality education, supporting them to achieve their full potential.

Every child has the right to an education and every child should have the opportunity to fulfill their potential. We believe that disability should never prevent a child from accessing the education they deserve or separate them from their family and community.


Since 2006, we have been working in Moldova, the poorest country in Europe. We have been part of establishing an inclusive education system, this has meant that hundreds of children have been able to return home from institutions. But special care and attention is needed for the children with the most severe disabilities, to ensure that they receive an education – a good education!


The Special Education Unit has been specifically designed to support children with complex disabilities, and will include a variety of facilities and support services. The Unit will provide psychological and social counselling, for children and their families. There will also be special rooms for Hydrotherapy, sensory, art and music therapy and speech therapy. A specialist gym will be provided for vital sports and movement therapy. In addition, there will be areas that cater for the special health care needs of the children.

In addition to constructing and furnishing the unit, Lumos will train teachers and specialist support staff to ensure that the children receive high quality education and all the care and support that they need. We’ll also purchase necessary special equipment such as adapted minibuses, wheelchairs, adapted desks and chairs, sports equipment, toys and much more.

For full information on the campaign, visit IndieGoGo. Every penny or cent they receive goes directly to their projects and is not used to pay for overhead costs such as administration or fundraising, thanks to J.K. Rowling’s support.


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