The Sweet Shop, a movie Matthew filmed way back in 2010 has finally been released for pubic viewing via Vimeo on Demand! It is rentable worldwide for $1.49 (stay tuned for a way to win a special code!)  There are even a bunch of special features, including interviews with Matthew, available for viewing on the page. The film was shown at last week’s London Film Festival and was well received.

For those of you that have since forgotten the story line, below is a synopsis:

Despite his rock star status, the break up of Jarvis Marshall’s band has caused him to face a loss of direction, as well as the loss of his family. In need of salvation, Jarvis discovers inspiration with the help of Katie Powell, a childhood friend from the village where he grew up.

Now running her grandfather’s sweet shop, Katie’s passion for life is reignited with the return of her former crush. However, their obvious connection is threatened when Katie discovers that Jarvis is no longer the boy she once idolised.

Determined to uncover her old friend, Katie reminds Jarvis who he used to be. Meanwhile, Jarvis’ supermodel girlfriend, Simone, hires a reporter to sabotage the blossoming relationship. With the help of Katie’s jealous ex- boyfriend, Simone resorts to deceit and lies in order to keep Jarvis from Katie, but she soon discovers that she can’t stand in the way of their feelings.

The Sweet Shop is an alternative but touching take on the traditional romantic comedy, following two old friends as they face their pasts in order to look to the future. Starring Matthew Lewis (from the Harry Potter franchise), Gemma Atkinson (Hollyoaks, 13Hrs, How to Stop being a Loser), Susan Hoecke (Reef Doctors, Storm of Love).

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