Today we have a special treat for Jason Isaacs fans, a full episode preview of his upcoming show, Awake, as well as a few clips. “Awake” is an intriguing drama about a detective (Jason Isaacs, “Harry Potter,” “Brotherhood”) who finds he is leading an arduous double life that defies reality. Jason Isaacs will appear on the Today Show on March 1. Fans are encouraged to show up on the plaza to support him! Enjoy all this Awake goodness and be remember to tune-in March 1 at 10/9c on NBC for the premiere! (We will be posting some still from the show soon, so stay tuned)

Following a tragic car accident, detective Michael Britten finds himself awake in two separate realities: one where his teen son, Rex (Dylan Minnette, “Saving Grace”), died in the crash and his wife, Hannah (Laura Allen, “Terriers”), survived and another where Hannah has perished, leaving Michael and Rex to pick up the pieces. In order to keep both of his loved ones alive, Michael begins living in two dueling realities, churning up confusion.

Special Full Episode Preview – In the aftermath of a fatal car accident, Detective Michael Britten struggles with dueling realities in parallel worlds.

This Is Not a Dream – Is Michael Britten’s happiness all in the blink of an eye?

Good cop, bad cop? – Wilmer Valderrama and Steve Harris explain who’s who, and who’s tweeting about it. Series Premiere March 1st Thursdays 10/9c

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